Saturday, November 1, 2008

Free Popcorn @ Ace Hardware

Today we went to Ace Hardware a.k.a. Rocky's on Island Pond Road in Springfield for a few things. While we were there, I could smell the great smell of popcorn. As we began to recognize that smell and begin to salivate, we saw the popcorn machine they had near the checkout line. The sign on it said: Free popcorn to go with your shopping (or something like that). So, we grabbed a bag that was on the top of the popcorn machine and began to fill it. As we did, an employee told us to help ourselves. What a nice surprise and great way to break up the day. The popcorn was delicious and I am looking for a reason to go back!
And now that Halloween is over, we took apart the pumpkins and are baking the seeds right now. They certainly smell good. For the first time ever, I have baked them without burning them. Who knew it would take so many years to perfect cooking them!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the free popcorn at Rocky's - and I always seem to be there when I'm starving.

    We still need to bake the seeds - I'm out of seasoning salt!