Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OpenSocial's First Birthday

Happy Birthday and Congratulations Open Social!!!

OpenSocial's First Birthday: Detailed Agenda -- November 13 in San Francisco

As blogged before, next Thursday, November 13, is the official event for OpenSocial's first birthday being hosted by the OpenSocial Foundation at MySpace's SF office (SOMA).

As you can see from the complete agenda, it's filling out to be quite a day. Some of the highlights:

  • OpenSocial: State of the Union
  • App Developers sharing their experiences:
    • PhotoBuzz, RockYou, and PixVerse
  • OpenSocial 0.9: What does it mean for me?
  • Demos of Developer Tools:
  • "Global Container Crawl" programming contest
    • How many containers can you get running on?
    • Engineers from around the world will be on-hand to help
    • ... including: hi5, Hyves, iGoogle, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, orkut, Viadeo, Yahoo!
    • ... among others
  • Breakout sessions for discussions and prototyping
Since a lot of people will be in town for the birthday event, on Friday, November 14, MySpace SF is also hosting OpenSocial 0.9 Face to Face, so folks have an additional opportunity to get together and discuss spec proposals for 0.9 and prototype on the latest implementations.

For the birthday, please be sure to RSVP -- so we can get enough birthday cake.

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