Saturday, March 15, 2014

Colossal Groove - Mistress @ The Webster, Hartford, CT

A short video of Colossal Groove playing in the Battle of the Bands at The Webster in Hartford, CT on Saturday, March 15. I was taking this video for the band and was not able to record the full song or anymore after that because I was unaware that they did not want anyone recording. After one of the security guards came over tell me that, I had to turn it off. Plans are in the works to get more videos for Colossal Groove. In the meantime, enjoy this video.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

USAA - taking pride in Excellence in Customer Service

A recent experience as a customer was with my car insurance company, USAA. I have been a customer with them for over five years and recommend them to everyone. USAA is your one stop shop for many things like car insurance, home and renter's insurance, bank accounts, loans and stocks. They also have car buying and home buying services and financial planners that work with you to help you make a budget and plan for your future. USAA's services are for military members and their families and they pride themselves on customer service. As a customer with USAA for over five years, I really do believe that they are serious and sincere when they say that they pride themselves on customer service. Through the years, they have always been able to assist me with my problems, issues and concerns. Not only were able to assist me but successfully resolved the problems, issues and concerns to my satisfaction. They handled the matters professionally, courteously and quickly. They have a toll free number that they answer and every customer service associate is in the United States which makes communicating less frustrating. They have made my customer service experience with them so easy and convenient not only by having a toll free number but also with the ease and access of technology like their website and mobile app. With their website and mobile app, you are able to view your accounts and bills. You are able to change your insurance policies, yourself and pay your bills with ease. When you call their toll free number, if there is a queue, it will tell you how long the wait is, how many customers are in front of you and offer you the option for a USAA customer service representative to call you back by pressing 1 and they really do call you back. I really believe that USAA and their customer service is a true example of outstanding customer service and I hope that other companies can learn what it takes to make customers happy, help them feel valued and bring back the lost art of excelling in customer service.