Friday, July 31, 2009

Tanning Beds Are As Deadly as Arsenic

Tanning Beds Are As Deadly as Arsenic: "New Study Cites Danger of Tanning Beds"

International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer risk category, deeming them as deadly as arsenic and mustard gas.
For years, scientists have described tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation as "probable carcinogens."
Tanning beds are just as deadly as arsenic, according to international cancer experts? Research published online in the journal Lancet Oncology concluded that the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30.
A new analysis of about 20 studies concludes the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30. Experts also found that all types of ultraviolet radiation caused worrying mutations in mice, proof the radiation is carcinogenic. Previously, only one type of ultraviolet radiation was thought to be lethal.
The new classification means tanning beds and other sources of ultraviolet radiation are definite causes of cancer, alongside tobacco, the hepatitis B virus and chimney sweeping, among others.
The research was published online in the medical journal Lancet Oncology on Wednesday, by experts at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization.
"People need to be reminded of the risks of sunbeds," said Vincent Cogliano, one of the cancer researchers. "We hope the prevailing culture will change so teens don't think they need to use sunbeds to get a tan."
Most lights used in tanning beds give off mainly ultraviolet radiation, which cause skin and eye cancer, according to the International Agency for Cancer Research.
The classification of tanning beds as carcinogenic was disputed by Kathy Banks, chief executive of The Sunbed Association, a European trade association of tanning bed makers and operators.
"The fact that is continuously ignored is that there is no proven link between the responsible use of sunbeds and skin cancer," Banks said in a statement. She said most users of tanning beds use them fewer than 20 times a year.
But as use of tanning beds has increased among people under 30, doctors have seen a parallel rise in the numbers of young people with skin cancer. In Britain, melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, is now the leading cancer diagnosed in women in their 20s. Normally, skin cancer rates are highest in people over 75.
Previous studies found younger people who regularly use tanning beds are eight times more likely to get melanoma than people who have never used them. In the past, WHO warned people younger than 18 to stay away from tanning beds.
Cogliano cautioned that ultravoilet radiation is not healthy, whether it comes from a tanning bed or from the sun. The American Cancer Society advises people to try bronzing or self-tanning creams instead of tanning beds.

11 Fantastic Freebies - Something for Nothing

11 Fantastic Freebies - WalletPop: "Something for Nothing
Very often when you see the word 'free' attached to some kind of merchandise or offer, well, it is often too good to be true. But sometimes, there really is such thing as a free lunch!

With budgets strained to the breaking point all across America, Ken and Daria Dolan of set out to find some truly free offers -- some practical, some fun, some tasty -- all FREE.

First Up: Free Coffee

11 Fantastic Freebies

Don't have time to click through the gallery above? Use these links below to go directly to the slides you are most interested in.

Update to those without power, still...the Western Massachusetts Electric Company called and they said "Currently crews are repairing several damaged underground cables in Springfield, causing thousands of customers to lose power. The crews are working as safely and as quickly as possible to restore power to your area. This outage may continue throughout the day and into this evening for some customers. If you are without power, they ask that you limit as much usage as possible, when your power is restored. Please call customer service at 1-800-286-2000, if you lose power or if you lose power again. Please know the crews are working around the clock to return service to your area as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Protect Against Sun Glare

Protect Against Sun Glare

Sunglasses may be a popular fashion accessory, but they are also essential for safer driving in dazzling conditions. Motorists who drive directly into the sunlight may experience temporary blindness, risking their own safety and the safety of others.

Sun glare exposure is especially hazardous in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is on the horizon. Wearing protective eyewear helps reduce glare and potentially avoid a collision.

Sunglasses should feature polarized lenses to reduce glare and lenses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays.

The Vision Council of America offers additional tips for motorists to help reduce the dangers of sun glare:

  • Drive cautiously and leave a proper distance to ensure ample reaction time.
  • Make it a habit to lower visors, to help block some of the reflected light.
  • When possible, take an alternate route lined with trees or tall buildings in lieu of one with extreme glare.
  • Avoid using high-gloss vinyl cleansers on dashboards.
  • Keep the vehicle windshield clean and the windshield washer fluid reservoir full.
  • Turn on headlights to reduce the possible poor visibility of oncoming drivers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

listen need to pull over when police, fire or ambulances have their lights/sirens on!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Windows Live Messenger!

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15 ways stores trick you into spending

15 ways stores trick you into spending

Ever notice how you can go to a store to pick up just one thing and then, by the time you get to the check stand, you have five or six things in your cart and a bigger bill than you had anticipated?

This happens over and over because department stores use an array of techniques (grocery stores use many of the same tactics) to get you to pick up these items. By itself, each technique isn't very strong -- it's the use of them in combination that is powerful.

Here's a list of 15 of the best tricks. After the list, watch for 10 ways to combat these techniques so you can get in and out of stores with your finances intact.

1. Shopping carts. Most department-store customers enter the store intending to buy only an item or two, but the shopping carts are right there by the entrance and, oh, wouldn't it be convenient to have it so I can lean on it a bit while walking around and to put my stuff in it?

The cart has a huge bin compared with the size of most items for sale in the store, making it psychologically easy to toss in an item you don't need -- after all, there's room for plenty more, right?

2. Desirable departments are far away from the entrance. Most of the items I go to a department store to buy, such as light bulbs and laundry detergent, are located many, many aisles from the entrance. This means I spend my time walking by a lot of consumer goods on my way to find the item I want.

Because these consumer goods are effectively marketed to me, there's a good likelihood that I'll spy something that I don't necessarily need and toss it in the cart.

3. The toy section is far, far, far away from the entrance. Naturally, if I take my son to the store, he wants to visit the toy section. He gets excited and starts shouting "Ball! Ball!" to me when we go in because he remembers the enormous plastic balls in the toy section.

I tell him that if he's good, we'll go look at the balls, and at the end of the trip, we usually make our way over there. What do we see? Lots of children in that area, which means that there are parents that follow their children.

4. Impulse-oriented items are near the checkouts. Stores stock the latest DVD releases and "froth" magazines there, along with overpriced beverages and candy.

Why? Because people leaving the store are thirsty, and they're going to be standing in line for a bit, which is the perfect place to hook them with some entertainment options.

5. The most expensive versions of a product are the ones at eye level. Take a look sometime at the arrangement of different choices for a particular product, such as laundry detergent. Almost every time, the most expensive options per unit are placed at eye level, so you see them first when you enter an aisle. The bulk options and better deals are usually on the bottom shelves.

6. Items that aren't on sale are sometimes placed as though they are on sale, without using the word "sale." I noticed this over and over with diapers; the department store would display a rack of them with a huge sign above them displaying the price, but it would be the same price I paid for them a week ago. Unsurprisingly, the diapers displayed like that were always the most expensive kind.

7. Commodity items, such as socks, are surrounded by noncommodity items, such as shirts and jeans. If I'm looking to buy some socks, I have to traverse through a number of racks full of different types of clothing in the clothing section just to reach them.

Why? If my mind is already open to the idea of buying clothes, I would be more likely to look at other clothing items.

8. Slickly packaged items alternate with less slickly packaged items. Look carefully at an aisle of, say, potato chips. The ones with the bright and slick packaging are generally more expensive, which isn't surprising.

But notice that there usually isn't a section of just inexpensive chips -- in most stores, they're sandwiched between more-expensive items. If there is a section of just inexpensive items, they're down by your feet (think about the inexpensive bagged cereals at your local supermarket).

9. Stop, stop, stop. You add items to your cart only if you stop, right? So stores are designed to maximize the number of stops you have to make: aisles in which only two carts can fit, colorful and attractive layouts, escalators and, my favorite of all, sample vendors. Even if it's not conscious to you, every time you stop moving in a store, you increase your chances of putting something into your cart.

10. Staple items are placed in the middle of aisles, nonessential and overpriced items near the end. Why? If you enter an aisle to get a "staple" item (i.e., a high-traffic item), you have to go by the other items twice -- once on the way in and once on the way out. That gives these items two chances to make their pitch at you.

11. Prices are chosen to make comparison math difficult. Instead of selling the 100-ounce detergent for $6 and the 200-ounce detergent for $11 (making it easier to figure out the better deal), they sell the 100-ounce for $5.99 and the 200-ounce for $10.89.

Hey, look, they're basically the same, right, because five is half of 10? Uh, no.

Continued: More tricks and 10 ways to fight back

12. Stuff in bins isn't always a bargain. Higher-end stores will sometimes put items in "bins" to emulate the bargains found at cheaper stores, but the prices are still quite high. They just use the visual cue of a "bargain store" to make you think it is a bargain.

13. High-markup items are made to look prestigious. If you see something in a glass case that has lots of space around it, your gut reaction is to believe that it is valuable and prestigious to own, and for many people it can be as attractive as a light to a moth. The truth is that these items typically have tremendous markup -- you're literally just buying an idea, not a product.

14. The most profitable department is usually the first one you run into. Ever noticed that at Younkers, JC Penney, Kohl's and such stores, the cosmetic department is front and center? That's because it's very profitable, and by putting it in a place where people walk by time and time again, customers are more prone to making a purchase on an item with a very big markup.

15. Restrooms and customer services are usually right by the exit or as far from the exit as possible. Why? If you need to use either one in the middle of a shopping journey, you have to walk by a lot of merchandise to reach the needed service, thus increasing your chances for an impulse buy.

Want to see more? Look at this presentation on the art of department-store layouts to get an idea of how much thought goes into making sure you buy more, particularly those items that are marked up a lot. I didn't even get into some of the more complex techniques, such as sensory marketing, that are more subtle and harder to avoid.

How can I fight back?

Is there any wonder why people end up buying more than they need or buying sizes that are poor deals? With an array of techniques at their disposal, retailers can make a mint.

Had enough? Here are 10 things you can do to fight back against these techniques:

1. Don't use a shopping cart unless you need it. A cart, most of the time, is just a place to put stuff you don't need. If you're carrying a product, you're a lot more likely to consider whether it's a worthwhile purchase.

2. Make a shopping list and stick to it. A list makes you focus on the items you intended to buy. Without it, you are much more prone to wandering and stumbling into "great buys" that you don't really need.

3. Look at nothing but the prices and sizes. That's all the information you really need -- everything else is marketing. Find the one that has the best price for its size, get that one, and move on.

4. Start at the back and work toward the front. If this is an option at all for you based on the store layout, do it. When you go in, head directly for the most distant item, then progress back toward the checkout aisles. If you do it the other way, you're prone to walk more slowly and tiredly toward the front after your shopping is done, leaving you open to lots of impulse buys on the way.

5. Always look at the bottom shelf first. If you've found the section you want, start looking at the bottom shelf first. This is usually where the better per-unit deals are.

6. Don't stop unless you're actively selecting an item. Displays are designed to beg you to stop for a moment and just look, which is often enough to get you to pick out the item. Even if something looks interesting, keep walking. You can study it as you go past and make up your mind later about the item.

7. Never go by an item twice unless absolutely necessary. If you go down an aisle, start at one end and continue all the way out the other. Walking by an item once lets it sink into your short-term memory, giving just a hint of familiarity when you walk by it again, sometimes just enough to persuade you to buy it.

8. Carry a pocket calculator -- or know how to use the one on your cell phone. Do the math yourself to find out what the best buy is because stores try to choose numbers that make drawing false conclusions quite easy.

9. If you don't know for sure that it is a good deal, don't buy because you think it is a good deal. Stores use all kinds of visual cues to make you think something is a bargain when it's not (like the bin trick mentioned above). Don't buy anything because it's a "deal" unless you're sure that it really is an excellent bargain -- just walk away.

10. At the checkout, rethink everything you put in your cart -- and don't hesitate to hand an item to the cashier and say you've changed your mind. Many people seem to have a guilt, or obligation, to buy an item that they've put into their cart. Don't. You're the customer -- you have the right to choose whether to buy. If you find something you don't want to buy, tell the cashier and don't buy it.

This article was written by Trent Hamm, the founder of The Simple Dollar, a blog offering a peek at his recovery from near bankruptcy.

Updated Nov. 28, 2007

Beat Boredom with Kids' Educational Games & Ideas

Beat Boredom with Kids' Educational Games & Ideas
There is nothing more exciting to a child than learning something new.
You were there for their first smile, their first steps, their first words, and every other little milestone along the way. So, it only makes sense that you want to take an active part in their education. You want to give them the best possible start in life and make sure that they succeed.
There's a particularly helpful, free newsletter that is beneficial to those shaping the lives of children. The Know More - Be More! Newsletter is jam-packed with helpful tips, articles and product reviews that every parent should know about.
If you want to give your child all the advantages to get ahead in today's competitive world, you'll want to sign up now for this Free Newsletter. In the Know More - Be More! newsletter you'll discover how to:
Find the best learning activities and lesson plans for your children.
Learn about the latest methods for homeschooling.
Choose the right toys and games that challenge your children and help them excel.
Encourage creativity in your children with fun craft projects and games.
Connect with other moms and dads (and educators) that share the same desire for their kids.
And much, much more.
It's educational and, most of all, FUN! So head on over and sign up for free today at!

Top Tips to encourage READING

Top Tips To Encourage Reading
Encouraging reading is one way parents can help their children succeed academically and develop an enjoyable and positive habit.

Here are a few tips roughly broken down into age groups; you can adapt them to your own child's abilities:

Birth to age 3
· Even a 6-month-old baby can enjoy sitting on your lap and looking at picture books without words. Parents can describe the pictures as they turn the pages. Be sure books are tough enough to withstand tugging, pulling and throwing.
· Establish a time of day when you read to your children.
· Talking helps develop reading ability. Talk with your child all day using short, simple sentences. If your native language is not English, talk to your child in your native language anyway. Practicing their first language will help them practice English.
· Let your children see you read. Children love to imitate their parents.

Ages 3 to 5
· Introduce your child to books with poems and silly rhymes, which children love to repeat. Children have a great sense of the absurd, so rhyming books such as those by Shel Silverstein can improve their language ability and tickle their funny bone.
· Take your child to the library to get his or her own library card. Let her choose her own books within reason.
· Give your children books as gifts. Share your favorites from when you were their age.
· Set up a reading area in your home where children can easily reach their books.
· Restrict the time your children watch television and limit their viewing to educational programs that teach reading basics.

Ages 5 to 11
· As children get older, you can take turns reading a book with them.
· Ask them what part of the book they like best. If the child has read more than one book by an author, ask which one he likes best and why.
· Stay involved in your child's schoolwork. Research shows that when parents are involved in a child's learning, achievement increases.
· Use tools to help older children (grades 4 and 5) experience success. For example, reading and writing programs such as Knowledge Adventure Books by You help children to tap into their creativity while learning and applying reading and writing processes. The software product is designed to allow kids, ages 8 and up, to create, edit, illustrate and personalize books.

Award-winning author and actor John Lithgow motivates and guides children through the book-development process by asking thought-provoking questions. Kids' answers and details are woven into the story in unexpected ways that make reading the story a fun and involving experience. For more information, visit


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Martha Stewart: Twitter is better than Facebook

Yesterday, Bill Gates admitted that he has abandoned Facebook because he had too many friend requests and could not tell who he knew and who he didn’t. Now we have another well-known public figure who isn’t very fond of Facebook: Martha Stewart

The master of home décor, in an interview with The Daily Beast, talks up Twitter and describes Facebook as “dippy.” Unlike Gates though, she extensively discusses why Twitter has a special place in her heart. Here’s a little of what she to the Beast:

“I just love it so much more than Facebook … First of all, you don’t have to spend any time on it, and, second of all, you reach a lot more people. And I don’t have to ‘befriend’ and do all that other dippy stuff that they do on Facebook.”

Martha continues to praise Twitter, even calling it “the Wal-Mart of the Internet” (that’s an interesting analogy…). She also stated that the Facebook v. Twitter debate doesn’t matter all that much, specifically because, “they’re all going to be owned by the same company eventually.” The Beast even got a quote from Brandee Barker, Facebook’s Director of Communications, on the subject of Martha Stewart and Facebook:

“I think Martha has built a tremendous fan base and she obviously knows how to use many different ways to communicate with them … I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart and her brand—and I hope she finds more ways to use Facebook.”

Really though, what else could Brandee say that didn’t bash Martha or Twitter?


Are Stewart’s words indicative of anything?


While it’s humorous that she calls Twitter the Wal-mart of the Internet (and that she thinks they’ll both be owned by the same company someday), she does bring up some interesting points about how people, especially celebrities, utilize Facebook and Twitter differently. She uses it to get answers to her questions fast, to host giveaways, and even to purposely rattle the cages and to make some buzz, when she asked if Bruno (the movie) was about decorating. Can Facebook really accomplish these things, especially for a celebrity with a massive following?

While it’s true that there’s a competition brewing between FacebookFacebook and TwitterTwitter, we seem to forget that they’re different products that have different purposes. Facebook is about intimate connections and sharing multimedia with a group of friends. Twitter is about broadcasting and spreading your message to the entire world. With that in mind, which platform do you think celebrities require more? There’s a rational set of reasons that explain why celebrities have been cheerleaders for the microblogging startup.

Cool and Free personal signatures - check this out!

Take a look at this:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Night Owl Mama; Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?

Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?
A Special Thank You to Night Owl Mama for writing this article about leaving children in the car and her tips on preventing this from happening to her and her children, I enjoyed this blog post. I know that we all get busy, but let's keep our heads on.

Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?
I'm sick to my stomach. I can't believe what I am reading and seeing in the news. Countless times I have seen the news that children are left in carseats or in a seat belt and a parent, caregiver or family member has forgotten to take the child out of the car when they get out. Many of these cases the child is under age 1 and in a rear facing carseat, thus you can't see them. Parents who are forgetting their children are not stung out on drugs or up partying all night. Many of these Parents are educated people. The thought of this terrifies me. We as parents have so much on our minds and are lacking sleep, clear heads and have alot on our plates that we are not taking the extra precautions to make sure that the back seat is empty before walking away from the car.

HERE'S A list of extra pecautionary measures that I take when my children are in the back seat.

~1 I leave my purse in the back seat with them. My Purse is thing 1st I Grab when ever I get out of the car. If I can't find it I look in the back seat.

~2. I put the diaper bag in the front seat. I never have the diaper bag with me unless the baby is with me.

~3. I leave my coat in the back seat. In the winter driving with my coat on always bothers me. SO I take it off after the car warms up and put it in the back seat. Getting out the car I'm going to freeze my butt off so I reach in the back to get my coat.

~4. Back when I used to drop my son off at daycare their policy was to call if I was more than a half hour late from dropping him off. This will prevent accidentally not dropping a child off.

How we can all help by being Nosey. Look in cars as you walk through parking lots. See an infant seat take a walk by and look. Children are not to be left in a car unattended under 6 without the supervision of a person who is 12 years of age or older. See a child or children alone in a vehicle call the authority's.

Cars left in the Hot sun can reach inside temperatures up to 140 degree's. No one could survive that. I like to put up Sun visors and crack the windows when I get out. To keep the car and inside seats cooler. That's for me when I return. If you get yourself into a routine we can make sure that this doesn't happen to us or others.

Fotki; Price Going...Going Up!

It seems that the longer you wait, the price will go may be the time to sign up, if you were thinking about it...

While do the never-ending task of cleaning out my emails, I came upon these emails from One on March 8, 2009 was introducing a special membership for $15, while another one from July 24, 2009 introduced a special membership for $20. While increasing the price by only $5 is nothing, it is still something.

March 8, 2009;

Dear Fotkin,Regardless of the climate in your area, Spring is the time for change - so, we decided to change our ways and offer you the Triple Recession Special March Madness Sale! - Starting today and until March 20:Special Annual Membership starting at just $15 a year
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Special pricing on all large print formats(we are discounting the already lowest prices in the industry!) :)
What can we say? - Yay? :)Your Fotki Team respects your privacy. You are receiving this email because you have agreed to receive offers and information from us.© 1998-2009 All rights reserved. You are subscribed to Fotki News.
July 24, 2009;

Our dear Fotki members!Summer is here, and whether it's HOT in your area or COOL, is having a hot sale at cool prices, dedicating it to Midsummer 2009!That's right, starting today, and until the last minutes of August 15, we offer you the SUMMER FUN of Fotki Premium membership at these cool prices, starting at just $20 a year (when you buy 3 years of Premium service)!Click here to become a Premium member, or to extend your Fotki Premium membership for up to three more years.And have a great Midsummer Fun.Your Fotki Team :) respects your privacy. You are receiving this email because you have agreed to receive offers and information from us.© 1998-2009 FOTKI INC. All rights reserved. You are subscribed to Fotki News.
40% off clearance @JCPenny

Saturday, July 25, 2009

bunny's for sale @lupa zoo
well minus "someone's" attitude...
the house is spotless, having a family day with my husband, kids, FIL and MIL today...making plans to go to the museum or zoo...or something like that...

Friday, July 24, 2009

and...the power is back on...
it just wouldn't be summer in East Forest Park without losing power! happens EVERY year...and the pot of coffee is getting colder by the minute... :o(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Google;

Dear Google,
I was just thinking that it would be nice if my Google Calendar could allow you to share the What part of the details. Currently it only allows you to either share all the complete details (where, what, etc.) or hide them.
Is looking for my cell phone and finishing up mopping the floors before I make my way to Warren to get my TooheyBugs and go grocery shopping with my sister!...
***And wondering why I think it's appropriate to always use an exclamat!on po!nt at the end of my Statuses!!! :O) and smiley faces!! :O)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great News!! Congratulations! You have passed your ServSafe Alcohol examination! Your certificate will be sent signature-required delivery to the address you provided on the Exam Registration. Expect delivery within 10 business days.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

According to @klout, I'm influential to these peeps: @multiply_news @gossipmac @managingnews @spacetaskforce @whatsinthenews.
loves the @BernieMac episode that was just on guest starring @Dr.Phil...and boy can I relate about the kids and loved the outtake at the end, very funny!
wants to play her @MafiaWars on @Facebook but can't because it is down for maintenance. :o(

Monday, July 13, 2009

sitting @bartender school with my TooheyBugs while @ShawnToohey is @Work, listening to @stevienicks - landslide and @U2 - beautiful day, wai
sitting @bartender school with my TooheyBugs while @ShawnToohey is @Work, listening to @stevienicks - landslide and @U2 - beautiful day, waiting for the instructor to be ready...I hope this is a sign, since I look for messages and advice in music that speaks to me...
likes that my cell phone is fixed and I can actually talk on my cell phone without having to have the speakerphone on!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

likes using the micro-fiber cloths to clean, especially does wonders for the mirrors, one of the best things @ShawnToohey ever bought.
@the tavern w/~mel
@the tavern w/~mel

Saturday, July 11, 2009

sitting here @Mel's house and we are thinking about leaving and going out...
on our way back to springfield...thanks donnie and evelyn for a fantastic afternoon/evening!
waiting @Donnie and Evelyn's house, waiting for them to get home to their own party!
waiting @Donnie and Evelyn's house, waiting for them to get home to their own party!
leaving Shawn's graduation party in E. Longmeadow and now onto Belchertown to Donnie and Evelyn's party...
make a wish, it's 12:12...I'm superstitios like that!
Getting ready to jump in bed...BIG day tomorrow...4 parties planned to attend...let's see how this works out...

Friday, July 10, 2009

doesn't like when I am not on the phone ALL day and then when I finally do, the conversation gets cut off by call waiting! Now, if I wasn't on the phone, the phone wouldn't ring...GRRRR!
we had lunch with a sexy man who works @fathers_n_sons before his meeting today :o)

These are a few of my favorite things; Android Apps

These are a few of my favorite things; Android Apps
I use these almost daily and find them to be very useful. If you have the T-Mobile G1/Google Android Cell Phone, I highly suggest you check them out!
App: My Coupons
App: MemoryForLemmings
App: Mileage
App: Shazam
App: Mobile Defense
App: No Signal Alert
App: AppManager
App: Battleships
App: MileageLedger
App: ShareMyApps
App: Twidroid
App: PingDroid
App: Track My Life
App: Flashlight

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strange day...

Today has been a strange day to me because this weather isn't anything like what July should be like here in New England.

It is usually bright and sunny around the upper 80's to 90's and so far we have had cold, wet weather and it has been nothing but dark and gloomy.

I would be wearing a tank top and shorts, probably barefoot, but instead, I am wearing capris, t-shirt, flip flops and a sweater, buttoned up!

Instead of global warming, I must be experiencing global cooling. I wonder what this means as far as winter is concerned...

need to get second wind...caffeine stop @dunkin donuts...
is so cold that I'm wearing a sweater in JULY!!!
Yay!! My @Facebook and @Twitter are fixed! No more annoying repeats...but if it does...someone let me know? Thanks! And thanks to @ShawnToohey, @JasonTurcotte and @MikePoole for staying on me to fix this! :O)
trying this once more and then I give up for today! **crossing my fingers that it posts only ONCE!**
thinks I fixed the posting over and over again in facebook...not sure why, but hopefully this fixes it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

is trying to be better@charging my phone before going to it's plugged in! goodnight all!
grocery shopping with my sister...
grocery shopping with my sister...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

when it rains, it pours...and right now, it's pouring and thundering!
babysitting until 6 tonight...

Monday, July 6, 2009

is a big fat ball of tears...I wish I could call my parents, talk to them and get their advice.
what a BEEAUTIFUL day!!!!! :o)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

just fell down the stairs...both elbows are stinging and very off to visit my little brother
the neighbor behind us came to my door about an hour ago to ask if we could turn the radio in the back yard off because they can hear it inside their house...I wonder what did they think of the neighbors and their fireworks last night and how many of them did he approach to let them know it was "disturbing" him???

WiiHealthy - Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Nintendo sportsgames, Wii Fitness, Wii Balance Board, Yoga, Mii, Exergaming

WiiHealthy - Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Nintendo sportsgames, Wii Fitness, Wii Balance Board, Yoga, Mii, Exergaming

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Wii Sports Weight Loss Program

This is a guide that we have build for people to use to lose weight by playing Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii. We have composed this schedule and tested it multiple times on people with different lifestyles, different weight categories, different ages and different sexes. Numbers based in this guide are an average of the results we got from those people. Some people will be losing weight easier than others, keep this in mind while working out this program. A lot depends from the way you will be playing games. This is a 10 week program; each day you should be playing about 30-45 minutes active Wii Sports. If you have anyway questions about this guide, suggestions or problems, just mail us or leave a comment.

Before you start with the program, make sure you weigh yourself to compare with the end result. Some people do it more fanatically and also measure their Body Mass Index, calories burned per session/game, body fat percentage, heart rate (at rest) and took note of additional notes or soreness. When it’s the first time you’ll start up the game you won’t have any Wii Fitness Age, but when you’ve already played the game and decided to start with the program, note done your Wii Fitness Age as well.

1. Getting started
To get started with this program you’ll need a few things. Here’s a list of what exactly you need to work out:
- A Nintendo Wii console, which comes with a free copy of Wii Sports ($249,99)
- A TV, beamer, monitor with VGA box. A screen that allows you to play Wii-games on (Available in all price categories)
- A room as big as possible
- This (almost) perfect guide to lose weight

Off course there are many other things and extra’s that come in handy for training with the Wii. Friends and family members to play with are a big plus, but not necessary. Just make sure that you are installed and that you feel comfortable when playing. For playing on the Wii it’s not necessary to wear a sportoutfit. Make sure you wear clothes you feel comfortable in, preferably a sportingoutfit. Just don’t wear shoes with high heals and twenty sweaters.

See what time is the best for you to train. Maybe you won’t be in the mood to play when you just came home from work or school. Don’t play when you’re tired in order to get the best results out of this program. Try to put a fixed time on your sessions so that your bodyclock won’t be whole messed up. Just make sure that you’re comfortable and that you’re ready to have some fun. Remember that this program is about having fun and losing weight at the same time.

2. Get familiar with the Nintendo Wii
If you have never set up a videogame system, check the manuals that came with the console or check forums to ask help to other gamers but normaly even a non-gamer should be able to install it. The second part is to get used to using the WiiRemote and Nunchuk. There aren’t any booklets to help you with that since everything figures itself out. Make sure you stand in front of your television and that the sensor bar and everything else is set up right. Once you know how to use the controllers, startup the Wii Sports disc and let the fun begin!

Choose a Mii character to get started with and we strongly recommend you to keep using the same Mii to check your progress. This little puppet will be carrying all your scores, your fitness statistics and so on. Pick whatever sport that interests you the most to kick off with. Every sportsegment of the game starts with a very good tutorial that makes you go through all the steps of that sport. Take your time for it, read the tips and you’ll already be a top Wii sporter before you have even started. We recommend that you first try all the sports out before starting the workout schedule. Pick out a favorite that you will do most of the time in this segment.

3. Let’s lose weight!
Everything will depend on how strict you follow the schedule, how active you play and what sport you prefer to play. If you play slow, watch replies and stuff like that you won’t be losing the amount of calories stated below. You can off course choose for a combination of sports, this is just an example of what the results are when you play it when you follow these instructions.

Under this paragraph you see a table with the five different sports, the time you should play per day for ten weeks long and the numbers of calories you should be burning if you play active. Don’t worry if the results are not as displayed in this table. Remember that some people will lose weight easier than others so keep going because anyone can lose weight with our program. After a few days you will be able to play a lot better and the number of calories you’ll burn will go up.

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Boxing 15 minutes 121
Boxing is the most active game on the Wii Sports disc. We strongly advise very heavy people not to go too wild in this one since your heart rate will go up a lot. This could be a problem for people who have been advised not to do big efforts. The fact is that this is the perfect game to lose weight. In a couple of minutes you can burn easily 121 calories in 15 minutes time. So this is a rather fast method and you can even speed it up by using a Mii version of a person that you don’t like as an opponent! Keep moving, move from the front to the back, from left to right. Try punching your enemy from different angles, different types of punches and you’ll be sweating that body fat away. Make sure to keep the wrist strap tight!

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Tennis 25 minutes 110

Tennis is the second best game to lose body weight. In this game it’s not necessary to move your body from left to right and back to front and that makes it less tiring. Try to play long games and play close to the net so that you’ll have to hit the ball faster. There are some nice tricks to make this the ultimate Wii Sports weight loss game. When setting up the game, just choose to control one of the two opponents as your player as well. You’ll have three Mii’s this way and you can even make the fourth one your tennisplayer as well. This is only recommended for people that are real tennis masters, but just keep in mind that this is all possible. Also, try to hit smashes since this will speed the game up as well.

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Bowling 30 minutes 104

Bowling comes on number three since this game doesn’t require that you move with your whole body. When playing this activly you can however lose weight by just swinging your arms and doing some cool moves while throwing your bowling ball. Don’t just move your polses around but swing the ball away with an arm movement. Go for strikes and spares and swing your ball with power, but don’t waste your time on aiming your ball in the right direction. Try clicking the reviews away fast and compete other people in this game since bowling is a perfect game to play with your family.

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Baseball 35 minutes 102
Baseball comes in fourth since this game is also a lot about watching your Mii run around the field and there aren’t many opportunities to use your whole body in this game. In our testing we haven’t had many people who played this game to lose weight and it won’t make you a real Wii Sports addict. You can play it every now and then to get some variation, but it won’t train your muscles or burn much calories.

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Golf 45 minutes 99

Golf is a nice and relaxing sport but we recommend you not to put this discipline in your program since you’ll have to spend to much time on losing a small amount of calories. You can fitch it in for some variation, but don’t do the whole weight loss project with only this sport. You have to focus too much on getting your ball to the end of the course and there just isn’t any way to play this game really active. A swing with your golfclub will make you lose some calories, more than that you won’t get out of it. Still a nice sport though, just not something to make you sweat.

5. Some general tips
- One of the things you absolutely have to avoid is frustration. If you’re getting a little frustrated, switch over to Wii Boxing to lose some steam and if that doesn’t work, put the controllers away and just do something else. Taking a walk to catch some fresh air is the best way to lose the heat or just play another fun Wii-game that doesn’t require much physical input.
- When you start to get bored off Wii Sports during this program, DON’T give up! There are many ways to make Wii Sports more fun and challenging. Try some new Mii’s out, check out some other sports, change some of the game settings to make it more fun and exciting, compete a roommate, family member or friend or try some of the neat Wii Sports accessories to make it more realistic and more fun. Convince non-gamers to give it a shot and have a good laugh at them when they suck at the game!
- Try to teach your pet how to play Wii Sports. We’ve seen in several movies that dogs, cats and other nice animals can even play Wii Sports, the game is that simple to learn! Don’t get pissed when your dog gets better in it than you…
- Play as active as possible. Try to move with your whole body and not just your arms, do the mimics . Wii Sports is a game that’s made for standing in front of your TV so don’t be lazy and sit like a bag of potatoes in your sofa.
- Don’t be too fanatic in this program. Playing longer than suggested in this guide won’t kill you, but remember that Wii Sports uses a lot of muscles in your body. Always put on your wrist strap since we all know what can happen if the WiiRemote slips out of your hands! Stretching before you start training
with Wii Sports is a good way to warm your muscles up.

6. Wii Fitness

The Wii Fitness feature in Wii Sports is a great way to measure your progress in this trainschedule. Every sport itself gets three sort of minigames so in total that makes 15. In tennis for example your opponent will constantly be hitting balls and you’ll have to hit back as many as possible in order to get a younger Fitness Age, in bowling you get more cones to knock on the ground, in boxing you have to punch more etc. More new challenges and some nice statistics to see how you are evolving.

7. After the Wii Sports Weight Loss program

Review your weight loss program, check how many weight you’ve loss, what your heart rate is when resting, check your Wii Fitness Age, check your pro scores and try to compare your results with the reports of other Wii weightloss friends. If it didn’t work out like you had hoped, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes. Perhaps give us some feedback about this guide or ask us to give you some advise for a second attempt. You can send us pictures from before or after and we’ll add them to our website with your story about the Wii Weight Loss project. Share your experiences with other Wii owners so that everyone in the world knows that Wii sports is a fun way to lose a few pounds. Since you should be playing 30-45 minutes per day, these new challenges will be more than welcome!

8. First reviews from our readers

Before (01/01/2007)
Weight: 248
Waist: 46″
Body fat: 32%

After (05/05/2007)
Weight: 218
Waist: 43″
Body fat: 22%

Above are the statistics of my bodyweight, waist dimensions and the percentage of my body fat all before and after. I started soon after my son bought his Nintendo Wii and got hooked on and decided to start the New Year with a Wii Sports training. It didn’t went well in the beginning but after two weeks I started to get the hang of the games and knew how to use my entire body in these games. My favorites were Wii Boxing and Wii Tennis and I kept challenging myself in the Wii Fitness Age program. I really recommend that plan since it gives you nice statiscs of your evolutions. I’m going to keep training with Wii Sports and I advise this program to anyone!

Pictures removed due to complaints about the girl being to skinny after the Wii program.

Hey guys I just want you to know that I really love the Wii Sports game and its fun factor. I really like jogging and all but I wanted something new and this Wii was something fresh that I wanted to try out. I’m 24 now and wanted to go from 100 lbs to 92 lbs and I did it in only four six weeks! I have been playing a lot in that period and invited some friends over to have a chat and play some on the Wii. I really loved tennis, a sport that I have practised when I was still a kid. My score is 1085 now and I’m still trying to do better. I was able to lose weight with Wii Sports on a fun way and all of my efforts were rewarded. I’m glad this guide got composed and I would suggest that everyone loses weight with this new program.

9. Closing comments
If you have any questions, suggestions, tips or experiences to share, drop a comment on this article or send us an email. Soon we will have a forum where we users will be able to share experiences and reviews with each other. I want to thank all people who helped build this guide and Nintendo for making the coolest videogame system ever!

Nintendo is currently working on another amazing game that will allow you to lose weight while having tons of fun with Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board. Check the site for updates on upcoming exergames.

Peanuts Motion Comics: Independence Day (Ep. 104)

Peanuts Motion Comics: Independence Day (Ep. 104)
Video sent by Peanuts

School lets out and Charlie Brown and Snoopy prepare for a camping trip, while Linus wonders what Independence Day means.

Another Business; Crazy Mountain is forced to shut its doors...

With all the bad news of the economy, another store is forced to shut its doors, I really hope they will be able to make a comeback in the future.

Crazy Mountain Shuts Its Doors

Courtesy of Giftware News: In early February, Crazy Mountain Imports of Imlay City, Michigan, well-known in the giftware industry, was forced to close its doors when its bank called its loan. According to sources, the bank the company had dealt with for about 10 years was purchased by another bank, and loan officers familiar with Crazy Mountain's loans and business were let go. Loan problems ensued and the bank ultimately called the Crazy Mountain loan. To cover the loan, the company's assets were turned over to the bank and Crazy Mountain shut its doors.
used the last of the coffee beans for this pot of coffee,which means one of us have to run out to the store later...I'm thinking make it a family errand/outing since it's such a nice day out...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

hears the sound of fireworks all throughout the neighborhood...will this be the sound that lulls us to sleep tonight?
is disappointed...I really expected the finale to be much better than what it actually was...
the view of the moon...
the view of the moon...
@chicopee fireworks - szot park...met up with @rob, jasmine and the girls...just waited in tyhe longest line for the bathroom...
had a great time @mike and patty's 4th of july party...on our way to chicopee fireworks...

Beetle Bailey - This Flag

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't "say" Good morning to me...that's not a good morning...a good morning is when you think of others, besides yourself...first...