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Boo's Birthday Cake

Boo's Birthday Cake

Boo and a piece of Bday Cake

Boo and a piece of his BDay Cake

Eating Bday Cake

Eating Bday Cake

Boo's Bday

Boo and Tiffany

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Free nicotine patches to quit; Franklin County residents receive help to quit

Free nicotine patches to

Franklin County residents receive
help to quit

(WWLP) - Franklin County residents trying to kick the smoking habit will be able to get free nicotine patches.

This special offer is being given because 1 out of 4 Franklin County residents smoke, while figures in other areas are about 1 in 5.

Ask any smoker; it's not easy to quit.

Arlene Goodwin of Greenfield said, "The 7th day is the hardest going cold turkey."

This is why Glenn Johnson and the Community Coalition for Teens is getting the word out on a new program that will give out two weeks of nicotine patches for free.

Johnson told 22News, "People are just struggling financially right now and people want to quit more than half the people who smoke currently tried to quit last year. This is what they're giving out, 14 free nicotine control patches, that's not enough to get someone off smoking, but its important to take that first step."

Cheryl Ruf is works as a counselor to help people quit smoking. She says the patch is only part of the process; but often without it, people won't make it to her door.

She told 22News, "It gives a person a chance to say this works I feel better I know its going to work, I feel better already."

She says the hope is it will also encourage people to save the money they're not spending on cigarettes to keep buying more patches once the free ones run out.

For smokers trying to quit, like Elizabeth Lague, its a catalyst to start trying to stop now: "Its not just that easy, if you get stressed, out you want a cigarette, obviously."

To get your free patches you can call 1-800 Try To Quit.
You have to be resident in Franklin County, North Quabbin, not have any other medical conditions and be over 18-years-old.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give Us This Day Our Daily CupCake...

In search of finding out more information about the G1 Google Android Cupcake Update...I found the cutest ever post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The 2nd of two rumored cupcake release dates have passed and depression is setting in. It seems we must resort to prayer and so…

“In the name of the father/fabricator (HTC) and of the son/service (T-mobile) and of the holy ghost (Google)amen.

Our father (Android) who are in heaven (Online) hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come on earth (in handsets) as it is in heaven (online). Give us this day our daily bread (cupcake) and forgive us our trepasses (being early adopters) as we forgive those who trespass against us (AT&T, Apple and Iphone users).
Lead us not into temptation (lusting for flash, video and stereo bluethooth), world (internet) without end amen.”

Let “Cupcake” fall from heaven like “Manna” to sustain us as we cross the desert looking for the holy land, peopled by other Android users.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take Some Time For Mom in the New Year

Happy New Year!

happy new year 2009? Already? Hard to believe another year has passed. Whoever said having kids makes the time fly by even faster was spot on.

If 2008 was all about the kids, the job, the dog, etc., why not start the new year off with some tips on how to utilize a little of that precious free time to make the most of YOU! Check out our article below for some simple ways to make a big impact on the year ahead.

Speaking of the new year, tell us if you made any New Years Resolutions for 2009 in our featured poll.

Monday, January 12, 2009

National Constitution Center; The Story Of We, The People.

National Constitution Center September 2008 eNews

January is filled with events that celebrate the upcoming presidential inauguration, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the world premiere of the America I AM: The African American Imprint exhibition. Visit our January events calendar for a complete listing of activities and programs.

The Center will host the world premiere of Tavis Smiley’s America I AM: The African American Imprint. This new exhibition opens on January 15, 2009 and celebrates the impact African Americans have had on our history over the past 500 years.

On Tuesday, January 20th celebrate the constitutional right of every American president – the presidential inauguration. Bring the kids and enjoy programs and events to share this special day with your family.

Are you currently a National Constitution Center member? Visit the Member’s Corner of the newsletter to find out about exclusive members only offers and events such as VIP tickets to see America I AM.

Constitution Day: September 17

Don't Miss the World Premiere of America I AM: The African American Imprint

Premieres on January 15, 2009

Celebrate the indelible contributions on our nation with this new exhibition that tells the story of courage, conviction, and creativity of the African American community. Explore 12 galleries with multimedia components, photos, music, and personal stories.

Over 200 artifacts create a truly engaging, inspiring, and unique experience for everyone. Artifacts include "The Doors of No Return" from the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, Malcolm X's diary and personal Koran, the door key and stool from the Birmingham jail cell that held Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and more!

Purchase your tickets online now!

Discount Ticket Offer
January 9 - January 11, 2009
The Academy of Music

It’s been 30 years since AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, Broadway’s smash-hit Fats Waller musical revue won six Tony Awards® including Best New Musical. Now, Richard Maltby, Jr., Tony Award®-winning author and director of the 1978 premiere Broadway production, will re-create his original direction for the 2008/09 30th Anniversary National Tour. Ruben Studdard, the 2003 American Idol Winner, joins a top-notch cast with a sassy all-star band live onstage.

Purchase your tickets at the special rate of $45 per ticket today!

Visit or call 215.731.3333 to take advantage of this special offer. Be sure to mention the special offer code: RUBEN.

Discount is a 35% savings on all performances and sections EXCLUDING box seats. Not valid on previously purchased tickets and cannot be combined with any other offer. No exchanges or refunds. Restrictions may apply

Member’s Corner

Just announced — Members will have a special VIP entrance into our upcoming exhibit, America I AM: The African American Imprint, moving them to the front of the line for the next available entry time!

Members - only viewing times of America I AM:
Sunday, January 18, 9:00 a.m. - Noon
Monday, January 19, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Take advantage of seeing this fascinating exhibit without the crowds.

National Constitution Center Podcasts
We The People Stories — New Podcasts

PlayHow Would You Address America?
As part of the Center's online initiative "Address America: Six Words to Inspire A Nation," journalist and author Robert Schlesinger moderates a conversation with former presidential speechwriters Mary Kate Cary and Terry Edmonds about the ideas, themes, and values the American public wishes to hear included in President-elect Barack Obama's Inaugural Address.

Play The Legacy of 1808: Delta Blues
The Center welcomes musician and historian Ted Gioia for a program featuring recordings from the Mississippi Delta.

Play 2008/2012: Where We've Been, Where We're Headed
Ezra Klein and Reihan Salam, rising stars in Democratic and Republican circles, join moderator David Mark to reflect on the most important presidential election in a generation and to look ahead at what the new president will do once in office.

See the National Constitution Center's recent programs on FORAtv.

January Events & Programs

George McGovern on Abraham Lincoln
Tuesday, January 13
6:30 p.m.
Program Admission: $9 members $15 non-members, $7 students and teachers
Reservations required at 215.409.6700

In his new book on the 16th president, former U.S. Senator George McGovern writes that Lincoln’s presidency is the hinge on which American history pivots - the time when the young republic collapsed of its own contradictions and a new birth of freedom, sanctified by blood, created the United States we know today.

The Exchange: Is the Constitution Colorblind?
Wednesday, January 14
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
This event is open to school groups only. The public is invited to watch a live webcast.

Students deliberate the question: Is the Constitution color-blind? The concept of a color-blind Constitution was first used to dismantle legal discrimination against African Americans in the 19th century and is now at the forefront of the debate over affirmative action.

A Celebration of Firsts
January 17 and 18
11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
January 20
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Program Admission: FREE
with museum admission

Celebrate the presidential inauguration and swearing-in of the first African American president. Visitors can enjoy Inauguration Day events on January 20th including the chance to take the Oath of Office, watch the ceremony, make presidential seals, and have a photo taken with a cutout of President-elect Obama during an exciting scavenger hunt.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
Monday, January 19
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Event Admission FREE

In honor of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Center will participate in a city-wide celebration. Visitors of all ages can enjoy activities, including talkback boards, crafts, choirs, famous speeches from civil rights activists, and musical and dramatic performances.

Inauguration Day Celebration
Tuesday, January 20
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Event Admission: FREE with museum admission

Celebrate Inauguration Day with the family and participate in the
Breaking Barriers show to learn about Thurgood Marshall, Bessie Coleman, Jackie Robinson, and other extraordinary African Americans throughout history.

From Revolution to Evolution
Tuesday, January 20
10:30 a.m.
Program Admission: FREE
Reservations Required: 215.409.6700

In partnership with Art Sanctuary, the Center will present a discussion of the Civil Rights revolution that led to the evolution of America's current president. The discussion will explore the influence of Martin Luther King, Jr.; President-elect Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope; and the connections to the America I AM exhibition.

The Future of the Republican Party
Monday, January 26
6:30 p.m.
Program Admission: FREE
Reservations Required: 215.409.6700

With the Democratic party in control of the presidency, the Congress and many state houses across the country, the Republican party finds itself out of power and searching for an identity and new leadership for the first time since President Carter’s election in 1976. Join the Center for a conversation with party insiders and observers.

National Constitution Center
525 Arch Street | Independence Mall | Philadelphia, PA 19106
T 215.409.6600 | F 215.409.6650

Twitter Moms: The Influetial Moms Network

Are you a Twitter Mom?

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* * Confirmation of Replacement G1 Batteries Being Sent Out?

Confirmation of Replacement G1 Batteries Being Sent Out?

Last week, a handful of Android and mobile tech sites were buzzing with rumors of a replacement G1 battery being sent out by T-Mobile. Our friend Michael, of GoogleAndBlog, seemed to be the one to break that story, getting lots of attention from around the net.

One of our readers sent in an email this evening regarding a conversation he had with a supervisor at T-Mobile:

Just wanted to let you guys know that i just got off the phone with a tmobile supervisor who confirmed that replacement batteries are being sent out and that there was an internal memo sent around that extra batteries are being sent out free of charge and there will be no need to send back your old one! He was unable however to confirm whether or not they would be of a higher capacity or not. He said he would think it would be the same one just that consumers would have two batts.

Has anyone else spoken to T-Mobile directly about this situation? If so, what have you heard? Having a second battery is nice and all, but it’s still a pain to charge up when you have to put it into the phone. Here’s hoping it’s just a bigger battery.

HTC Dream based Android Dev 1 phone available for US$399

HTC Dream based Android Dev 1 phone available for US$399

Google is now offering the HTC Dream based Android Dev 1 smartphone to registered Google developers for US$399. The device is free of locks of any kind, and can be used with any SIM card. It also features an unlocked bootloader that doesn’t require signed images, so that you can load custom builds of the Android OS onto the phone.

Before you can buy one of these, though, you have to be registered as a Google Android developer, a process that is simple, but costs $25 to do. Right now, at least, Google is limiting orders to one handset per developer. They hint at the possibility of that changing in the future, though.

The specs on the phone appear to be exactly the same as those of the T-Mobile G1, including Wi-Fi and 3G access on the 1700 and 2100MHz network bands. The graphics on the back of the phone are new, though, so people in the know will recognize your phone as being one of the special development versions. The phone includes a 1GB microSD card and basic accessories like a charger and USB cable and wired stereo headset, but nothing special that I can see.

The Android Dev 1 phone is currently available in the United States as well as the following markets: UK, Germany, Japan, India, Canada, France, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Hungary.

You can register as an Android developer on Google’s website and will be able to buy an Android Dev 1 once you have done so.

Thanks to Nick from for the tip.

[via HTC Source]

Public Tickets Available for Inaugural Parade

Barack Obama's White House Inauguration Committee Office (D)

Washington, D.C.—The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced today that 5,000 tickets for the 56th Inaugural Parade will go on sale to the public at 1:00 PM EST today for $25 each. Tickets will allow spectators access to bleachers along the historic parade route from the Capitol to the White House. Tickets will be available for sale at or by phone at 202-397-SEAT(7328), 410-547-SEAT(7328) or 703-573-SEAT(7328). Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

“We are very pleased to make these tickets available to the public as part of our commitment to holding the most open and accessible Inauguration in history,“ said Presidential Inaugural Committee Executive Director Emmett S. Beliveau. “The Inaugural Parade is a celebration of America, and we are working to make sure that as many citizens as possible can take part in this historic tradition.“

Thousands of spectators will line the 1.7 mile parade route as the new President and Vice President are escorted from the Capitol to the White House by over 13,000 parade participants. Over 90 music, cultural and community groups will join representatives from our Armed Forces in the historic parade, which concludes at the presidential reviewing stand, where the President and Vice President will watch the processional with their families.

Tickets are limited to four per person for purchase. Tickets are not required to view the parade, but the purchase of tickets will guarantee spectators a seated spot along the parade route. Ticket holders must be in their seats no later than 1:00 PM EST on January 20th. Standing room will be available along Pennsylvania Avenue on a first come, first serve basis.

Earlier this month the PIC announced that hundreds of free parade tickets were being made available to Washington, DC students and their families. DC residents can visit for more information on how to obtain those tickets.

For the latest information on the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, please visit

Ways to save on cell phone service

Ways to save on cell phone service

Picking the perfect plan

(WWLP) - Owning a cell phone doesn't have to break the bank.

The president of Family Wireless said it's all in selecting the right plan for your needs. Here are some tips:

"Follow your friends"--Many companies offer free mobile-to-mobile calling if everyone's using the same carrier.

They also say to "trim the fat"--getting rid of add-ons you might not need, like roadside assistance.

Consider a texting package. It may cost you five or six bucks, but if you send or receive more than 100 text messages a month, you'll end up paying twice that.

Of course some cell phone users opt not to have a monthly bill and instead use pre-paid phones where you buy new minutes as you need them.

Another danger of smoking

Another danger of smoking

Toxins linger long after a cigerette is out

(NBC) - If you've made a new years resolution to quit smoking here's another reason to keep you motivated.

The health problems associated with smoking and second hand smoke exposure are well known.

However now there is something new to be concerned about. Researchers are now concerned about something called third hand smoke.

Even if you don't smoke around your children, a study finds toxins from tobacco smoke can linger in the air,

and on hair and clothing long after a cigarette is put out. They can also transfer to a baby or small child easily.

Researchers say that even at low levels, tobacco particles have been associated with cognitive problems in children.

However, scientists also found that people who became aware about the dangers of third-hand smoke said

they would be more willing to impose smoking restrictions inside their homes.

BabyCenter's Booty Caller

BabyCenter's Booty Caller

Ovulation alerts sent to your phone

Receive a series of 18 text messages (3 per menstrual cycle) that let you know when you're most likely to be fertile and provide helpful fertility advice.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mass. lawmakers refuse pay hike

Considering the financial state we are all in right now, this is a responsible and respectful decision. I have to admit, when I heard about this yesterday, they had not decided if they were going to accept the pay raise or not.

There was a part of me that was saying to myself that there is no way that they would accept it, especially considering when last month, Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had decided to forgo their traditional holiday parties for staff and the press. "They wanted to trim costs. They also don't want to be seen reveling in the midst of a recession and projectd deep budget cuts" WBZ News reported.

Instead of partying, members of Patrick's staff joined City Year volunteers to prepare food and gifts for families in need and Menino is encouraging people who typically come to his party and anyone else to drop off wrapped toys at his office.

And then there was a part of me that was imagining them taking and accepting it, regardless of the financial stress everyone is experiencing. Like in the Lord of the Rings, the urge and temptation looking them right in the face. It is one of those What Would You Do? situations.

Mass. lawmakers refuse pay hike

Increase optional due to law passed in '98

BOSTON (AP) -- Several state legislators say they will not accept a 5.5 percent pay hike they're entitled to receive, while others plan to donate the increase to charity.

Under a state law approved by voters in 1998, lawmakers' pay rises or falls every two years in line with the state's median household income.

The five-and-a-half percent increase would lift the base annual pay for a member from $58,237 to $61,440.

Republicans Karyn Polito of Shrewsbury, Lewis Evangelidis of Holden and Todd Smola of Palmer, and Democrat Garrett Bradley of Hingham all announced today that they were rejecting the raise.

Polito said she could not in good conscience accept the raise when so many families in Massachusetts were struggling to make ends meet.

House Speaker Sal DiMasi said through a spokesman that he would accept the raise, while a spokesman for Senate President Therese Murray would not say if she had made a decision.

Mass In Motion

Eat Better. Move More. Start Today.

We all can live healthier lives and protect ourselves from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes by taking simple steps to eat better and move more. Get started by taking small steps, and making little changes at home, at work, and in your community.

Join the thousands of other people in the state who getting healthier and losing weight with Mass in Motion: Better health. It's your move.

Spread the Word.

Tell us about upcoming activities in your community that will help people eat better or move more.

Governor Patrick Launches Mass In Motion

Over half of Massachusetts adults, and one third of middle and high school students are overweight or obese. To address this problem, Massachusetts is launching Mass In Motion to prevent overweight and obesity and to reduce chronic disease - with a particular focus on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

Mass In Motion features a multi-faceted approach that includes regulations to promote healthy eating and physical activity, grants to cities and towns to make wellness initiatives a priority and a new website to give Massachusetts' residents tips on how to integrate healthy eating and physical activity into their daily lives.

You didn't pay for the germs. Why pay for the antibiotics?

You didn't pay for the germs. Why pay for the antibiotics?

Free antibiotics*

As part of our health and wellness initiative we're offering you and your family this special service.

Starting January 2, 2009, and continuing through March 21, 2009, our pharmacy is offering you up to a 14-day supply of the most commonly prescribed generic antibiotics for free. Simply bring in your valid prescription from your doctor.

Your good health is important to us. And with cold and flu season in full-swing, we want to do what we can to help keep you and your family feeling your best during the winter months.

At Stop & Shop, we're trying to make a difference every day... and we're just getting started!

For a list of participating antibiotics, click here.

For a list of frequently asked questions click here.

*Not valid with any other offers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yahoo! Profiles

Have you set up your Yahoo! Profiles page yet?

Unlock new features by connecting to the people you care about.*

Start making connections now.

Go to Mail

Your Inbox understands friends and family come first.

envelope icon

See your preferred emails first.

Emails from your connections appear right on your "Welcome" page.

envelopes icon

Find your favorite emails quickly.

Click "From Connections" to only see messages from your connections.

photo icon

Keep up with friends and family.

See what your connections are sharing on the web—right from your Inbox.

More smart features are on the way!

Large file sharing

Birthday reminders

More smart features are on the way!

Large file sharing

Birthday reminders

*If these features are not already available to you, they will be soon!

What’s in it for the people I am asking to connect with me?

Here are a few reasons why they would want to connect:

  • Connecting puts their new messages to you front and center in your Inbox.
  • They get a profile on Yahoo!—a page that’s all theirs.
  • They get Yahoo! Updates. When their connections (like you) do something like post new photos, rate or review something, etc., they’ll see it in Yahoo! Updates. It makes it easier for them to keep in touch with you!
  • If they use Yahoo! Mail, they will get access to the newest features first and also see your new messages front and center in their Inbox.

And more is coming soon to make it even easier for connections to communicate and share.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety

Have you tried Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner?
I have. It really is free and it really does work. The catch? After it scans and removes the bad stuff from your computer, it gives you the choice to either try the 90 day free trial or to skip it. That's it.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety

Get a free PC safety scan
Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC.
Check for and remove viruses
Get rid of junk on your hard disk
Improve your PC's performanceNew: Windows Vista users, try the beta edition of the scanner, just for Windows Vista.

Fix specific PC issues
Use the full service scan to check everything. To help fix particular problems on your PC, turn to the individual scanners below.
Clean up
Tune up
document.write('Full Service Scan');
Full Service Scan

Learn How to Protect Your PC
To help protect your computer against a wide variety of security threats, see Protect Your PC.


We believe in the Power of the People. We built this site to enable you to become more powerful, more informed, and more able to influence government decisions that affect you. We provide the information and tools to put regular citizens on a level playing field with powerful special interests.


We will empower our users:

To build communities of common interest and viewpoints, and to call these groups to coordinated action;

To have the most up to date, vital information about things going on in your Civic World, whether in Washington, DC, or in your home state or city;

To have access to current news, TV clips, and feeds from multiple sources;

To post your thoughts and upload your videos and video links for the benefit of other users;

To have fun, while talking, chatting, emailing , and sharing about politics, issues, civics, or anything else, learning what your friends, family, business associates and others believe and care about, and sharing your thoughts and viewpoints with them.

You2Gov will enable you to become more informed, more nimble, and more influential about the things that matter to you.

Write Your Own Letter to an Official

Contact your representatives, track legislation, blog, latest news, create a group,
connect to growing political social network.

Please personalize your message below. Your member of Congress may not give as much thought to a message that fails to explain why you feel the way you do about this issue. All fields marked with (*) are required.

Direct Democracy 3.0:

What do these things have in common?

  • Social Media
  • Government Reform
  • Social Networking

Hopefully – YOU. Information is everywhere, knowing where to find it quickly and how to use it will determine your success. You2Gov has compiled the ultimate tool kit to find information, share it and use it to impact government reform. It does not matter if you are in business for profit or work for a non-profit; at some point you will reach an impasse that requires government reform to get around. What if you could have a ready-available source to research up-to-date legislation, share and engage your advocates and contact government officials simply by filling out easy to use online forms and then pressing “Send?”

You2Gov provides all the “Fact, Find, Share, Listen, Talk, Write” Tools you will need to communicate issues, engage support and pursue government reform.

Did You Know? Herbs As A Natural Stop Smoking Aid

I found this pretty cool website that tells you the herbs you can take as a natural stop smoking aid.

Did You Know? Herbs As A Natural Stop Smoking Aid:


This herb is said to have detoxifying properties that can easily rid the body of nicotine stored from smoking. The reason why this herb is important as a natural stop smoking aid is because the detoxifying effect it has can actually help in clearing up the nicotine addiction that one gets when smoking for too long. Licorice is noted to aid the liver in clearing out other oxidants that can damage the body and other vital organs. As a natural stop smoking aid, licorice can help not only in smoking but also in other matters of health.

Licorice root is the best part of the plant to use as a natural stop smoking aid. This herb is usually chewed to enable the patient or the smoker to get full use of the elements present in the herb. Licorice sticks can also be used as a form of satisfaction for any smoking craving one might get when trying to quit smoking. It is best not to use the candied licorice sticks but instead use the twigs that are all natural as a natural stop smoking aid.


This is another natural stop smoking aid that can actually help you with breathing problems associated with smoking. This can actually also help with one's circulatory system as well as clear the lungs. The effect of these is to have better detoxification which helps to eliminate the nicotine left in one's system. Many people take peppermint tea when trying to stop smoking or also use aromatherapy to help them.

Slippery Elm

This is another herb that can act as one of the natural cures to quit smoking and helps detoxify the system thus eliminating the addiction that one develops on nicotine. It clears up the lungs and the respiratory and circulatory system of dangerous poisons that one may accumulate due to years of smoking. There are several forms of this natural stop smoking aid herb and these come as tea, supplements and infusions.

These herbs are just a few of the highly effective natural stop smoking aids that can help those who wish to quit smoking.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seeing Stars

I was sitting here thinking about Jac's Annual Grammy Awards Party and it got me thinking; wouldn't it be cool to get tickets to see it in person? Which led me to; how would you go about getting tickets? And with the help of Google, I stumbled on this website.

Alas, tickets to the annual Grammy Awards show are not available to the general public; it's "by invitation only" to nominees, recording artists, & record company execs. And due to the 9/11 scare, there were no bleachers or other areas for fans outside the Staples Center.

(But if you want a more certain way to see many of the same music superstars in person, you'll be happy to learn that tickets are available to the public for the American Music Awards.)