Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We believe in the Power of the People. We built this site to enable you to become more powerful, more informed, and more able to influence government decisions that affect you. We provide the information and tools to put regular citizens on a level playing field with powerful special interests.


We will empower our users:

To build communities of common interest and viewpoints, and to call these groups to coordinated action;

To have the most up to date, vital information about things going on in your Civic World, whether in Washington, DC, or in your home state or city;

To have access to current news, TV clips, and feeds from multiple sources;

To post your thoughts and upload your videos and video links for the benefit of other users;

To have fun, while talking, chatting, emailing , and sharing about politics, issues, civics, or anything else, learning what your friends, family, business associates and others believe and care about, and sharing your thoughts and viewpoints with them.

You2Gov will enable you to become more informed, more nimble, and more influential about the things that matter to you.

Write Your Own Letter to an Official

Contact your representatives, track legislation, blog, latest news, create a group,
connect to growing political social network.

Please personalize your message below. Your member of Congress may not give as much thought to a message that fails to explain why you feel the way you do about this issue. All fields marked with (*) are required.

Direct Democracy 3.0:

What do these things have in common?

  • Social Media
  • Government Reform
  • Social Networking

Hopefully – YOU. Information is everywhere, knowing where to find it quickly and how to use it will determine your success. You2Gov has compiled the ultimate tool kit to find information, share it and use it to impact government reform. It does not matter if you are in business for profit or work for a non-profit; at some point you will reach an impasse that requires government reform to get around. What if you could have a ready-available source to research up-to-date legislation, share and engage your advocates and contact government officials simply by filling out easy to use online forms and then pressing “Send?”

You2Gov provides all the “Fact, Find, Share, Listen, Talk, Write” Tools you will need to communicate issues, engage support and pursue government reform.

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