Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did You Know? Herbs As A Natural Stop Smoking Aid

I found this pretty cool website that tells you the herbs you can take as a natural stop smoking aid.

Did You Know? Herbs As A Natural Stop Smoking Aid:


This herb is said to have detoxifying properties that can easily rid the body of nicotine stored from smoking. The reason why this herb is important as a natural stop smoking aid is because the detoxifying effect it has can actually help in clearing up the nicotine addiction that one gets when smoking for too long. Licorice is noted to aid the liver in clearing out other oxidants that can damage the body and other vital organs. As a natural stop smoking aid, licorice can help not only in smoking but also in other matters of health.

Licorice root is the best part of the plant to use as a natural stop smoking aid. This herb is usually chewed to enable the patient or the smoker to get full use of the elements present in the herb. Licorice sticks can also be used as a form of satisfaction for any smoking craving one might get when trying to quit smoking. It is best not to use the candied licorice sticks but instead use the twigs that are all natural as a natural stop smoking aid.


This is another natural stop smoking aid that can actually help you with breathing problems associated with smoking. This can actually also help with one's circulatory system as well as clear the lungs. The effect of these is to have better detoxification which helps to eliminate the nicotine left in one's system. Many people take peppermint tea when trying to stop smoking or also use aromatherapy to help them.

Slippery Elm

This is another herb that can act as one of the natural cures to quit smoking and helps detoxify the system thus eliminating the addiction that one develops on nicotine. It clears up the lungs and the respiratory and circulatory system of dangerous poisons that one may accumulate due to years of smoking. There are several forms of this natural stop smoking aid herb and these come as tea, supplements and infusions.

These herbs are just a few of the highly effective natural stop smoking aids that can help those who wish to quit smoking.

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