Friday, January 16, 2009

Free nicotine patches to quit; Franklin County residents receive help to quit

Free nicotine patches to

Franklin County residents receive
help to quit

(WWLP) - Franklin County residents trying to kick the smoking habit will be able to get free nicotine patches.

This special offer is being given because 1 out of 4 Franklin County residents smoke, while figures in other areas are about 1 in 5.

Ask any smoker; it's not easy to quit.

Arlene Goodwin of Greenfield said, "The 7th day is the hardest going cold turkey."

This is why Glenn Johnson and the Community Coalition for Teens is getting the word out on a new program that will give out two weeks of nicotine patches for free.

Johnson told 22News, "People are just struggling financially right now and people want to quit more than half the people who smoke currently tried to quit last year. This is what they're giving out, 14 free nicotine control patches, that's not enough to get someone off smoking, but its important to take that first step."

Cheryl Ruf is works as a counselor to help people quit smoking. She says the patch is only part of the process; but often without it, people won't make it to her door.

She told 22News, "It gives a person a chance to say this works I feel better I know its going to work, I feel better already."

She says the hope is it will also encourage people to save the money they're not spending on cigarettes to keep buying more patches once the free ones run out.

For smokers trying to quit, like Elizabeth Lague, its a catalyst to start trying to stop now: "Its not just that easy, if you get stressed, out you want a cigarette, obviously."

To get your free patches you can call 1-800 Try To Quit.
You have to be resident in Franklin County, North Quabbin, not have any other medical conditions and be over 18-years-old.

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