Friday, January 9, 2009

Another danger of smoking

Another danger of smoking

Toxins linger long after a cigerette is out

(NBC) - If you've made a new years resolution to quit smoking here's another reason to keep you motivated.

The health problems associated with smoking and second hand smoke exposure are well known.

However now there is something new to be concerned about. Researchers are now concerned about something called third hand smoke.

Even if you don't smoke around your children, a study finds toxins from tobacco smoke can linger in the air,

and on hair and clothing long after a cigarette is put out. They can also transfer to a baby or small child easily.

Researchers say that even at low levels, tobacco particles have been associated with cognitive problems in children.

However, scientists also found that people who became aware about the dangers of third-hand smoke said

they would be more willing to impose smoking restrictions inside their homes.


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