Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yahoo! Profiles

Have you set up your Yahoo! Profiles page yet?

Unlock new features by connecting to the people you care about.*

Start making connections now.

Go to Mail

Your Inbox understands friends and family come first.

envelope icon

See your preferred emails first.

Emails from your connections appear right on your "Welcome" page.

envelopes icon

Find your favorite emails quickly.

Click "From Connections" to only see messages from your connections.

photo icon

Keep up with friends and family.

See what your connections are sharing on the web—right from your Inbox.

More smart features are on the way!

Large file sharing

Birthday reminders

More smart features are on the way!

Large file sharing

Birthday reminders

*If these features are not already available to you, they will be soon!

What’s in it for the people I am asking to connect with me?

Here are a few reasons why they would want to connect:

  • Connecting puts their new messages to you front and center in your Inbox.
  • They get a profile on Yahoo!—a page that’s all theirs.
  • They get Yahoo! Updates. When their connections (like you) do something like post new photos, rate or review something, etc., they’ll see it in Yahoo! Updates. It makes it easier for them to keep in touch with you!
  • If they use Yahoo! Mail, they will get access to the newest features first and also see your new messages front and center in their Inbox.

And more is coming soon to make it even easier for connections to communicate and share.

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