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Night Owl Mama; Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?

Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?
A Special Thank You to Night Owl Mama for writing this article about leaving children in the car and her tips on preventing this from happening to her and her children, I enjoyed this blog post. I know that we all get busy, but let's keep our heads on.

Where are Your Babies When you Get Out of the Car?
I'm sick to my stomach. I can't believe what I am reading and seeing in the news. Countless times I have seen the news that children are left in carseats or in a seat belt and a parent, caregiver or family member has forgotten to take the child out of the car when they get out. Many of these cases the child is under age 1 and in a rear facing carseat, thus you can't see them. Parents who are forgetting their children are not stung out on drugs or up partying all night. Many of these Parents are educated people. The thought of this terrifies me. We as parents have so much on our minds and are lacking sleep, clear heads and have alot on our plates that we are not taking the extra precautions to make sure that the back seat is empty before walking away from the car.

HERE'S A list of extra pecautionary measures that I take when my children are in the back seat.

~1 I leave my purse in the back seat with them. My Purse is thing 1st I Grab when ever I get out of the car. If I can't find it I look in the back seat.

~2. I put the diaper bag in the front seat. I never have the diaper bag with me unless the baby is with me.

~3. I leave my coat in the back seat. In the winter driving with my coat on always bothers me. SO I take it off after the car warms up and put it in the back seat. Getting out the car I'm going to freeze my butt off so I reach in the back to get my coat.

~4. Back when I used to drop my son off at daycare their policy was to call if I was more than a half hour late from dropping him off. This will prevent accidentally not dropping a child off.

How we can all help by being Nosey. Look in cars as you walk through parking lots. See an infant seat take a walk by and look. Children are not to be left in a car unattended under 6 without the supervision of a person who is 12 years of age or older. See a child or children alone in a vehicle call the authority's.

Cars left in the Hot sun can reach inside temperatures up to 140 degree's. No one could survive that. I like to put up Sun visors and crack the windows when I get out. To keep the car and inside seats cooler. That's for me when I return. If you get yourself into a routine we can make sure that this doesn't happen to us or others.

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