Monday, November 17, 2008

Massachusetts could see costly special election

I was wondering what would need to happen if Senator Kerry accepts the Secretary of State position, here is the answer:

Kerry could seek role in Obama's administration

It has been widely reported Senator Kerry is on President-elect Barack Obama's short list for Secretary of State. According to Massachusetts' Secretary of State Spokesman Brian McNiff it would cost the Commonwealth about $2 million to put on a special election to replace Kerry - and that doesn't include the expense costs for the cities and towns.

"It will cost sixty thousand dollars and considering the outcome for this election you can see we have about a month's amount of work. It would be a considerable headache and considering the financial problems the state faces, I just don't know," Springfield Election Commissioner Kathleen Hoar Fleury said.

Some voters told 22News they will feel it was a wasted vote if Sen. Kerry takes the job with Obama.

"I think everyone who voted for him is getting a short deal because he may leave," William Rose of Feeding Hills said.

Governor Deval Patrick said he would not rule out a change in state law that would allow him to appoint someone to a vacant U.S. Senate seat rather than having it filled by a special election. Patrick stressed that he is not at the moment pushing for another reversal of the law. But he did note that most other states give governors the power to fill Senate vacancies.

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