Saturday, November 15, 2008

Black Friday Deals: 10 Best Resources

I was introduced to some of these Black Friday Sites a few years ago by my dad. It's good to see the original ones around and thriving still and nice to see some new ones, too. I remember back in the day, they would get leaks of the ads by annonymous employees/ex employees and be threatened by the stores of a lawsuit if they didn't take the ads off their sites. It's funny how times have changed. Some still do not like their ads put up on the internet, but most have figured out that this is good for business and they can check out what the competition is offering and they allow it to be posted. Not all of them are coming from annonymous sources anymore, rather the stores are submitting their own ads.

He was a great deal seeker and that is where I get my thriftiness from. Having 5 kids, they didn't have much choice but to find ways to make a dollar stretch. Since he always loved the craziness of Black Friday and his birthday is coming up, November 30, this one is in memory of him. I personally have never shopped on a Black Friday, rather working them; marketing products in stores for the Christmas seasons. Maybe this year will be a first. But I will tell you, I won't be waking up at 2 am to wait in the freezing cold, rather, I will be using the power of the internet to get my Black Friday Finds!

In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. Many stores offer tremendous discounts starting very early in the morning. For some, the day becomes a major operation as they strategize where to go for the best deals.
Luckily, there are websites that provide information from various retailers’ ad circulars in one handy location. Here are 10 sites to help you research deals to plan your Black Friday.
You can look up ads by retailer or category, or just sit back and talk about your favorite Black Friday stories on these sites’ various forums. What are your plans for the biggest sale day of the year? - Keeps you posted on current hot deals as you wait for all of the Black Friday ads to roll in. Also has a message board for users to trade experiences and ideas related to the day. - Offers some discount codes beyond the standard Black Friday ad scans, but that is the extent of this site. - Blackfday presents not only the sales info for the traditional brick & mortar stores, but also all of the big online retailers. - Partnered up with DealsPlus, brings you the latest circular ad scans as well as a video explaining what Black Friday is. - GottaDeal offers up chances at bargains every day, but for Black Friday they have a dedicated section. Besides the standard method of looking up the sales by retailer, you can also look them up by product category to quickly see who has the best deal on your desired item. - This Black Friday site brings you hot deals and coupons throughout the year, but for the actual big day they not only show you the ads early, but provide you with a shopping list of what will be available. - Lets you look up deals by store or category, as well as prepare shopping lists so you are set to go on Black Friday morning. - DealTaker offers information for Black Friday and Cyber Monday along with tips on how to make the most out of both events. - TGIBlackFriday puts up circular ad items and lets you compare the Black Friday price to the everyday price from PriceGrabber. - Offers pretty straight forward listings of stores in alphabetical order. Will be updated as ads come out.

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