Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Recent Dose of Self-Help

Today Tooheyworld, the TooheyBugs and I went for a drive to Holyoke. I wanted to get Tooheyworld his birthday present, early. I wanted to have him come just incase there was a different or better one that he may have wanted.
What was it? A Record Player. The house is filled with a very impressive selection and collection of Records. 
The problem: They look great sitting on the shelf, but would sound even better being listened to and enjoyed.
Solution: Get a Record Player
So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and looked at this Record Player. I have been doing research about a recordable one for a while now, and through my searching, I found this one to be the "best" and a decent price, too. I thought it would be perfect. It looked like an old radio but had today's technology and conveniences built into it. It had a Casette Tape player, which I thought recorded from Casette to CD; Tooheyworld doesn't think you can. 
We have a nice set of Bose Speakers at home, I thought records would sound great on them; Tooheyworld said that it wouldn't be able to plug into the speakers at home.
And the most important feature? It records Records onto CD.
So, my plan backfired. Although the excitement and curiosity levels were great; the plan, not so much. 
He looked at the other kind that they have. The kind that is only a Record Player, but with USB. In other words, it has to be connected to the computer, because it records Records through the computer. It doesn't just record right onto a CD, kind of like an extra step, but missing a few luxuries. 
I could be wrong about this. So, if you have a suggestion or comment about this topic, I want to hear what you have to say.
So, we left and went over to Circuit City to see what they had. We found two of the USB kinds and none of the Old Fashioned kind. 
But I see as I sit here writing this post and going to the websites to get the links, they have a way better selection online than in store stock. Why is that? There are just some things you want to see, touch and feel before purchasing it. Which is why online shopping isn't for everything.
He wanted to think about which one to pick and think about it, so we walked around for a bit. We let each of the TooheyBugs pick out a Wii game. Jacob got Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and Daniela got a Bratz The Movie one. Shawn got 2 CD's. FYI; one CD is listed for $12.99 online and we paid $9.99 at the store, so we saved $3.00 and the Wii games were originally $29.99 and $39.99 and we paid $19.99 each. So, that is a savings of $30.00 for the Wii games. That's $33.00 total saved. 
I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to see if they had the book I have been looking for for a few months now. 
It is always out of stock when I go stop in at Borders. I have had them special order it for me, but both times, I couldn't get there to pick it up. So they end up putting it on the shelf and selling it. It was almost driving me crazy. Why is this book always sold out? 
So, we walked around for a bit. There must have been a Book Club or Study Group going on, because the cafetaria part was fully occupied; No Vacancies. 
Barnes & Noble seems to me like it would be the perfect place to hold a Book Club. Speaking of Book Clubs, does anyone know of any in the Springfield, MA area or surrounding areas? I am interested in joining a Book Club.
While exploring and sifting through books, the kids needed to use the bathroom, as usual when we get to anywhere, all the time, at every stop. Why do kids need to do this?
So, we went up the escalator and let them use the bathroom. We waited outside of the door for them. When they came out, we walked over to the Self-Help section. That is my most favorite section. I was looking through seeing if I could find that book. I didn't see it. So I went over to the computers that you search for a book on. It said that it had one in stock. I asked an employee to tell me where to get that book. He told me that they had one and that it must be inside of a box or behind a box; or something like that. I was hoping that their inventory was right and that I wasn't getting my hopes up for nothing. I asked him politely if he could find that book, and he did. It was even more awesome because I went there to get that book knowing it was going to be around $20 and I was willing to pay what they were asking for it because I wanted it so desperately at this point. When he gave it to me, it said $4.95! How awesome was that? Barnes & Noble's website wants $19.96 for the hardcover edition and I only paid $4.95 at the store. I saved $15.01 total. How exciting!
And in the meantime of waiting for him to tell me if he found it or not, I found another book that caught my eye and called out to me. And, I have been Organizationally Challenged for quite some years now. It began before Daniela was born, but after I was pregnant with her. I think it was because of everyone giving me baby stuff and sending me their hand-me downs and then keeping it all for the next child, I learned how to collect, save and clutter. I am really good at it now! {Bad Joke}
I believe in fate; that everything happens for a reason and people, things, situations, circumstances and etc. are presented to each one of us at a particular time for a reason. I may sound like a fool here, but I think that the book was put in front of me at this time in my life, this time at the store and not prior or later because I am supposed to read this book now, not prior or later.
Anyways, I decided to start reading Let Go Of Clutter by Harriet Schechter - The Miracle Worker first.
Funny how things work out, right?

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