Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank You All Mighty Shopping Gods!

Hello ladies. Let's talk shopping! It's therapeutic, right?

It's exhilarating. Yeah, well maybe sometimes, but most of the time, it is a pain in the rear (a tight but voluptuous rear, of course). Finding the time to swing over to the mall, fighting traffic, and more frustrating yet, trying to find a parking space, is daunting! (I live in Los Angeles. Finding a parking space can take longer than my mission in the store...if I am focused.) In fact, I keep a running list of things that I need (okay, things that I WANT). My list grows longer faster than I can actually pick up these things I need.

Enter the INTERNET! Thank you all mighty shopping gods! A way to get my skin care delivered to my door without the dents in my passenger side door. Nice...a way to get the pup's Advantage without a trip to the vet!

First and foremost, we're busy. We are power-suit-wearing, working women, we are Moms-of-the-Year, we are class-act students, and WE HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!

I can hear you now, "So...tell me something I don't know!" All right, all right...I have so many great things to say that I would like to break them up into small, easy-read blogs. Let's get started, shall we?

I am part of a group of people who shop online and actually get money back every time we shop. I know. I know. You're thinking, "It was going so well, now here's the sales pitch." Nope. Nothing to sell you, well, okay maybe I want to sell you on the CONCEPT. But the concept is FREE so really...nothing to sell.

I want to tell you how this works. Then, in another blog, I will tell you WHO can benefit from this. Then, let's talk about how this can make the world a better place! What?

So here's the skinny...when you sign up (for FREE), you get access to an online shopping website. This is basically your virtual mall. This mall has over 1100 stores to choose from, and there are brand name stores like Target, Gap, itunes, Cheap Tickets, Overstock, Best Buy, Macy's, PetSmart, Sephora, Steve Madden and more...

Link to these stores directly from your mall, and when you make a purchase, you get money back. Simple enough! The rebates range anywhere from 3-50% depending on the store, but every store gives you something.

Your rebates pile up in your account, and you will start to receive monthly checks in the mail. I kid you not! (No catch except they won't cut checks until you have reached $25 or more but your rebates will never expire.) The more you shop, the more money you rack up.

So how do you accumulate points without going broke? SHOP SMART NOW so you can SPEND FRIVIOUSLY LATER.

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