Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quit and Stay Quit Monday

Commit to QUIT with the

Great American Smokeout®
Thursday, November 20
then Quit & Stay Quit Monday!

Quitting is hard – but staying quit may now be easier!
Quit with the Smokeout – then recommit on Monday and each Monday thereafter.

Every Monday you reach is a step to staying quit! Why Monday? It's a fresh start – the January of each week. A day to refocus and recommit, celebrate your progress, or to quit again if you relapse. See the helpful resources below, including the American Cancer Society's QUITLINE at 1-800-ACS-2345.

Americans will quit smoking on the Great American Smokeout this Thursday. But it's important to remember that the average smoker quits 7-10 times, so the struggle is not just in quitting originally, but in making sure that you continue to live smoke-free. 

This year there’s a new idea to help smokers stay quit after the official Smokeout on Thursday. 

Its called Quit and Stay Quit Monday - smokers who make the decision to quit smoking on the Great American Smokeout can reaffirm their commitment to staying tobacco free on the following Monday and each Monday after that to ensure that they are still tobacco-free. 

Each week is an opportunity for you to celebrate your progress or recommit to improving your health and well-being. Check out Quit and Stay Quit Monday's website for more info.

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