Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Other Ones

From Jan's Facebook:
Jan is missing her sweetiepumpkin. 4:19pm
Jan changed their profile picture. 4:19pm
Jan is missing her grandaughter. 4:18pm

Jan is MY children's grandmother, Tooheyworld's Mother, My Mother-In and Out-Law.

It really insults me that she writes about that all the time. Why? Because she has OTHER grandchildren, too. There are my 2, and the particular "One" she writes about happens to have a brother.

She changed her picture to one of her and her sweetiepumpkin grandaughter. Not of all the grandchildren, because well, they aren't sweetiepumpkins...or just not HER sweetiepumpkins, I guess.

What do you do? I wanted to say something, but I don't want to "start a fight" but I think that she should know that it hurts my feelings that basically, she is not acknowledging my children. It's not that she doesn't have pictures, Tooheyworld takes millions of them and puts them on flickr, which she has commented about in the past. She takes many pictures, too. She used to take so many and give me copies, that it took a while to catch up on putting them in photo albums.

And then there is her lovely son, Tooheyworld, who so immaturely changed his status on facebook.
Relationship Status:
It's Complicated
I mean, there's one way of keeping your problems to yourself, right? I mean, that was quite an understatement...It's not complicated; It's f'd up.

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