Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter + = LastfmLoveTweet

LastFM love/twitter mashup

After siging up, any track that you 'love' on lastfm will automatically generate a tweet on Twitter from you that has the track's artist and name, as well as a link to it so your followers can give it a listen.

I actually liked this alot and think it does it's job very well, but due to the number of "comments" I have received from 3-4 people, I have decided to take it off.

Everytime you love a song on or through the plug-in on Windows Media Player, it would send a tweet saying that you loved a song. I guess this would be alright if you only like one or two songs.

I can see how people would think it was "spammy"...but really? I am a real person who really likes a real song.

Anyways, it's not the end of the world and to please my audience, I have taken it off. Does anyone know of any other type of Twitter + apps, widgets, plug-ins, etc? What do you guys use? Why or why not?

Just a little info about LastfmLoveTweet:

  • Who did it?

twitter: @pootytang
lastfm: pootytang

  • Why?

I was tired of seeing hypemachine auto-generating tweets of loved tracks, and not being able to do it with lastfm. So I threw together a little app with ruby and mysql, and then added a simple form to open it up to the people!

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