Sunday, April 26, 2009

As you can see, we went back to Best Buy and exchanged the Dynex webcam for an HP webcam. I am pretty satisfied with it. I am by no means a movie producer and would not need all the fancy/technical things that come with some of them. I wanted one that was easy to use and had some flexibility as far as features go and of course, a good price. It turned out that this HP webcam was actually $10 cheaper than the Best Buy Dynex generic again, Discount Diva does it again! :O)

Although, I noticed that their website says the Dynex webcam is $39.99, which is what we paid in the store, but the HP webcam on their website says $83.99. I would set myself into a coma if we paid that...

We paid $30.00!! How Fanatically Frugal is that!

And now introducing our first video starring my TooheyBugs; Daniela, mostly and Jacob!

Daniela singing to her new Kid's Bop cd that came with her Happy Meal at McDonald's; Delilah and Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

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