Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Dealicious! Free Turbo Shot in your Iced Coffee

We got a yummy Iced Coffee yesterday at Dunkin Donuts and if you really know me, then you know that I couldn't pass up something FREE. So, I did it. I got the Free Turbo Shot in my Iced Coffee and it was definately a nice treat. I was already needing to get my second wind and was beginning a headache, which I figure was due to lack of coffee in my system and the long week from driving back and forth from Springfield to Warren and vice versa, helping my sister babysit my nephew while she went into labor for 3 days and then helping her when she got home from the hospital with the new baby and my nephew. This was definately a nice treat and a perfect pick me up. Jeanne runs on Dunkin Donuts!

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