Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jooners is dropping it's free services

While checking my email I opened this one from Jooners. Apparently with the economy the way it is, they are dropping their customers that are not going the paid subscribtion route. 

As we all know, times are tough for the corporations but how about the fact that they are even tougher for the people who are unemployed or job-less during these tough times. I really don't think they are going to miss Jooners that much. So goodbye and goodluck. I'll stick with my free ones. 

                                  April 26, 2009


In this difficult economy many people are asking us, "How are you doing?"  

On the upside... we feel love from our customers, are nourishing tons of new feature ideas and have a renewed passion for serving all of you that have given Jooners so much. On the downside...  this economy has impacted our ability to continue providing Jooners as a free service.  Now we need your support.

Pre-Announcing New Subscription Service
You are the first to know ... in about a month, we will only be able to offer Jooners as a paid subscription service.  This revenue will enable us to keep sign-up sheet creation ad-free, require no subscriptions for volunteer sign-ups and maintain our high level of support.

Exclusive Offer for our Founding Members
As our first, pioneering customers we want to make you this deeply-discounted subscription offer that will be highly valuable to you for many years to come:

  •  LIFETIME DISCOUNT -- ONLY $9.95 PER YEAR -- as long as you're a customer
     Save 50% from our normal subscription price of $19.95 per year.
     LIMITED TIME - offer good when you subscribe before June 1, 2009

  • Subscribing to Jooners is the best way to keep all your existing sign-up sheets, calendars and contacts

  • Nowhere else will you find Jooners' level of features for organizing your volunteers. Easy guided steps, a gallery of ready-made sign-up sheets,postable links to your sign-up sheets, auto-reminders, volunteer thank-you notes and more!
  • But what really matters is how you value Jooners.  How it bringsyou peace of mind, gives you back a significant part of your life, or helps you make your community a richer place.

Thank You for Your Support.  
We will send another letter in a few weeks letting you know when Jooners is ready for your subscription.

Your friends at Jooners
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  1. Hi, I'm from Jooners. We want everyone to know how difficult a decision it was for us to become a subscription-based service. However, to support our long-term viability as well as those members that really value using Jooners, this was necessary.

    We spent a great deal of time discussing this option with our customers. We asked them how much they valued Jooners and was it enough to pay a small yearly fee for the service.

    Their response was overwhelming. They valued Jooners a lot. You can read what they told us here:

    All of us at Jooners spend a great deal of time organizing activities in schools, sports, scouts and more. We feel a tremendous sense of good fortune to be able to offer the service of convenience through Jooners to both organizers and volunteers in these efforts. While our individual missions vary, we are joined in a common effort to build fellowship and a special quality of life in our communities.

    We concluded that we would try to help our company thrive so we could continue our service and not disappoint many customers that have come to depend on us.

    Marci Reichelstein

  2. I really wish I had the money to pay for a subscription, and although, unfortunately money is tight for businesses and corporations, they are even tighter for individuals and families. I understand why Jooners needed to start charging, however, the timing could not be any worse.

    I really appreciate you commenting and giving Jooner's side of things. And honestly, I think that is important and really cool. I think you won me back...just not as a paid member. :O)