Monday, February 23, 2009

Target Take Care Of Education: How It Works

: How It Works: "How the Program Works
You shop, your favorite school benefits. It's that simple. And your REDcardSM makes it possible.

Here's how to participate:
Apply and get approved for a REDcard.
Enroll in Take Charge of Education and choose a school.
Start shopping with your REDcard.
Donations to Schools
We'll track purchases made by participating REDcard holders, then send a no-strings-attached donation check directly to the school principal.

Checks are distributed twice a year. If the total of accumulated donations is less than $25, the amount carries over to the next payment period. You can track your school's progress at

Fundraising Tools
Schools can make the most of Take Charge of Education when they promote the program to parents and staff. We provide downloadable fundraising tools—flyers, website banners and more—to help spread the word.

Get the tools
How the Program Helps
Red River High School - Grand Forks, ND

We will use your donation to help fund student groups that don’t have budgets and need assistance with registration fees, travel and supply costs. In the past we have funded students involved with Science Bowl and Science Fair competitions. Your Take Charge of Education program makes this possible. This program, along with the support of our parents, helps make good things happen for our students.

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