Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Musing - Clutter on the Brain

Dear Friends,

This morning I woke up with Clutter on my brain. I got an email last
night from someone that whined that it was really hard for her to get
rid of STUFF. She thought that it must be easy for us to do this. The
truth is getting rid of clutter is hard for everyone at first. It
does get easier, but as with any new habit we are trying to
establish, we have to practice. This is why I teach you to use some
of our fun techniques to get rid of your clutter; 27 Fling Boogie or
a 5 Minute Room Rescue.

In order to get the clutter out of your home, you have to first
attack the clutter that is in your mind. Yes, our stinking thinking
is what makes us believe that we will need this someday and how could
we even possibly live without having this item in our home. The
creative people that we are, sees everything as a potential art
project. There are just some things that are plain trash. Then there
is the "Ole Poor Me" mindset that does not give yourself credit for
being able to provide for your family. This attitude is handed down
through the generations because of the struggle our grandparents had
during the great depression. There is also another side of holding
on to things! We are hoarding! Yes being selfish with our excesses by
not giving our unused items to new homes that need them. Just how
many can openers do you really need, not to mention; linens, dishes,
and furniture that is overcrowding your home. When we start to look
at this type of hoarding then we see that we can bless others with
our abundance and then when we need something, it will be provided
unto you. Your clutter is also filled with bad memories. Open up your
door and toss those bad, sad, and depressive feelings out! I want you
to smile when you walk through your home, not be reminded of sad

Letting go of your clutter is difficult at first, but as you start to
see a clear area, you will be empowered to do just a little more.
Take babysteps and you will find yourself practicing the art of
FLINGing. It is so freeing to fling!

Let go of stinking thinking and FLY!


P.S. Donate it: Put it by the curb with a FREE sign on it. Watch it
FLY away into new homes that really do need it. The more you get rid
of the more you are going to save by not buying more clutter. As this
becomes a habit, you will notice that you are more selective about
your purchases. Just wait and see just how much money you are going
to save by not buying more clutter. Don't stash it in the garage for
that yard sale that never happens. The act of not having a yard sale
(GUILT) is harder on you than letting go of it. You will no longer
feel guilty because of that pile of clutter in your garage. Let it go!

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