Monday, February 9, 2009

Frugal Uses For Food Jars

Baby food jars (especially the ones for meat) work perfect for tealights. 
I like to nestle them in my plants (either indoor or on my patio) for little candles. 

Larger glass jars work for that same purpose. 
Add some sand or those pretty little marble like things in the bottom and you get even more shine. 

Frugal Uses for Glass Jars

Reusing Baby Jars and Other Glass Jars


Use them in the garage or basement to collect nails, screws, washers,
and other loose materials.

You could also use them to store small paint samples when you repaint
a room and have just a little bit of paint left in the can.

Keep a couple on a dresser to toss in loose change or stray buttons.

In the kitchen, use them for storing spices ? use one for each type
of spice.

Make snow globes. A snowman made from polymer clay (available at
craft stores) and some glitter make for a cute wintertime scene.

Root plants. Cut a branch off of a plant, then place it in a jar
filled with
water. In a few weeks, roots will grow and a new plant will be


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