Monday, March 2, 2009


David - the birthday boy

Buying Gum in Bulk

The old saying is sometimes true. In this instance, it is, also. Buying in bulk is not only "greener" for the earth, but cheaper. 3 packs of Orbit White Gum is $1.80 @Big Lots. At a convenience store, you would pay just about that for just one pack.

Baker's Delights

looking at things from another angle

Baker's Pure Anise Extract

The box and bottle...very antiqueshly cute!

Baker's Pure Anise Extract

a hidden treasure in the kitchen. :)

Baker's Pure Brandy Flavor

a hidden treasure in the kitchen. :)

Baker's Flavorings

Antique-ish, made in Springfield, Mass

The Tennessee Tea Mason Jar

sad to see it go

Casualties of Cleaning

Yep, the Tennessee Tea Mason Jar and Daiquiri Glasses

Breakfast on a Budget

Time and Money

LA's Totally Awesome

And for a buck, it's Wicked Awesome!

Great Company

@writerjax, @hope, @dave

Jackie's telling a story

@writerjax, @archervision, @hope, @tooheyworld

Always pushing buttons

sometimes mine, sometimes not

Welcome to Wesson 2


Going Home

sissy released


@charismartino 2/13/09

Sister Schmister

@charismartino @TooheyMomster

making a statement?


The Patient

@charismartino - after they poked her

The Patient

@Charismartino - before they poked her

Hairspray Down The Drain

you don't always get what you pay for....Don't go for the cheaper hairspray!

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