Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You Everyone, for sharing your birthday wishes for me and sharing my Birthday with me. It really means alot to me and does brighten the day. I am just going through the Daily Grind right now, going in the shower right now after dropping my TooheyBugs off to school, then taking my friend to the dentist this morning and then checking all my Social Networking Sites...especially a shoutout to @Facebook, @Twitter and @My Blog! I am taking it slow today, just trying to enjoy the day and soak in every moment and lesson that life has to teach and especially enjoying the Record High Temp, a nice warm 66 Degrees and Sunny here in New England. This Birthday is certainly different than any other I have experienced in my past 30 years. I don't know what is planned for my Birthday for later, but that is just all part of the "surprise" of a birthday. I have always preferred to have surprises than to be told first. I guess that is the true Sagittarius in me shining through! :o)

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