Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Apps; To Protect" or not to "Protect"

By this time, most of you have cell phones and now with smartphones being all the rage, apps are becoming the fad of phones. I, myself have the HTC Google Android G1 phone that my husband gave me for Christmas last year.
I have been to the Android Market thousands of times and have downloaded more than my share of apps, for free, of course. Only to have downloaded so much, that I eventually get that lovely "Low On Space" notification on the top of my phone in the notification pull down menu.
After factory resetting my phone a few times and 2 new replacement phones that were thankfully covered by HTC, I had to learn to not get attached to my data saved in my apps. Until I found out about the Astro and App Manager apps, which backup your downloaded apps and stores them in my Micro SD card in my phone.
This is when I discovered that some apps are "protected", meaning that they can not be backed up on your Micro SD card. You have the choice of leaving it installed on your phone or to delete it.
I am curious as to why someone would choose to "protect" an app and furthermore, why on a Google phone, when, to my understanding, it is all "open source"?
In the meantime of finding that out, I will share the "protected" apps with you all and then free them off my phone, forever.

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