Monday, December 8, 2008

How To Book A Flight For $25

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Everyone loves to vacation. Not everyone loves to pay full price for airline tickets. There are ways to get around paying full price for an airline ticket that most people don't know about. These are all legal ways too!

The most widely known way to save money is to fly standby. This is somewhat of a hassle, and can leave you traveling all day and at unknown times. For those of us that like to know, there is a way.

Times are tough right now, and the economy is generally sour. People aren't flying, buying, driving, etc. Companies are practically at their knees begging for business right now, and that includes the airline industry. Most airlines offer various rates, if the customer demands.

When I go to book a flight, I never pay more than $100 for my family of four to fly from Florida to Washington. $25.00 per ticket? Yes that's right, with tax and all fees. This is how I do it.

Look at all companies offers first, and record what each companies deal is for the flight you want. Record flight numbers, times, departures, and aircraft types if possible. Then start haggling. Tell them that you have a friend with a private plane and he will fly you for the price of fuel. Or tell them that the cost of gas is lower now and you'd rather drive. This is a good way to start negotiations. If you flew with them before, tell them it was unsatisfactory. Be creative in your haggling. Only tell them it was unsatisfactory based on actual observations. It's not that hard to find things to complain about.

The most important thing to remember is to consider all offers, because you never know which one is going to have the lowest rate. Starting with the lowest rate is sometimes the best, however, I've found higher rates like Delta and others will haggle even more if you're willing to spend slightly more for first class seating. It is possible to get lower prices if you provide proper research in a ethical nice manor, never be rude or curt.

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