Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting more SuperBuddy icons

I was online with my brother tonight on instant messenger and he was telling me that he has a penguin SuperBuddy icon that talked. I never knew this because I mute my sound on instant messenger. So, he was showing me by typing certain words, his penguin would say what he typed. I never knew that! How cool! So, of course, I just HAD to share this with everyone! They are FREE, so get yours today!

Getting more SuperBuddy icons

A supply of SuperBuddy™ Icons is already available from AOL Expressions.

To get more SuperBuddy Icons

1. Click the Expressions icon on the AOL Toolbar.
2. In the AOL Expressions window that opens, click Change Buddy Icon.
3. Click the SuperBuddy tab and select a sub-category from the list in the middle.
4. Select a SuperBuddy from the SuperBuddy preview window.
5. Click Save.

More SuperBuddy icons are being developed, and AOL will make them available in AOL Expressions when they are ready.

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