Friday, July 19, 2013

Personality is half the battle

I had an interview for an entry level C# programmer position and had to fill out some sort of personality sheet, also called a PI. The Predictive Index or PI is a scientifically validated behavioral assessment that accurately predicts workplace behaviors.

The PI offers a clear understanding of the unique behavioral needs and drives that make people work. The Predictive Index/PI assessment is administered in the form of an adjective checklist and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results provide managers with detailed information into the behavioral drives of people.

Predictive Index is a a proven management tool used to improve performance and productivity of people at all levels of the organizations. PI gives you the power and knowledge to better motivate, lead and utilize your people to achieve your company's goals. Predictive Index or PI is a scientifically validated assessment that accurately predicts workplace behaviors and tendencies. It is a companion instrument that allows managers to identify the behavioral requirements of any position

These are my results:

Personality Index
Click to enlarge Personality Index

Personality Index
Click to enlarge Personality Index

After feeling uncomfortable and out of my element for some time because I kept doubting myself, this is a good way to end the interview. This was a very special way for me because not only did I know these things about myself, but this test reaffirmed to me what I already knew about myself. I also loved how beautifully it was written and put these in such a good light because sometimes, when people say these things to me or about me, I take interpret it in a more negative light.I am taking this information to heart because these are things my parents always said about me. They are passed away now and as I was reading the PI, I could hear my parents voices saying it. It was like they were right there with me.

I absolutely love the idea. It can be used to motivate employees or gain insight about a potential employee. The way that it was written did motivate me.
What do you think about Predictive Indexes?

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