Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Technological Terrorism?

It seems that the more that I try to "get with it" technologically speaking, the further away from it I really get. I have a Kodak Office Hero 6.1 wireless all in one printer, Motorola Droid Bionic cell phone, Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera and Verizon DSL internet. Just to top that off, a degree in Computer Information Technology. You may be asking what is the big deal then?

Verizon High Speed DSL Internet
Verizon High Speed DSL Internet

The big deal is that if it is not the internet randomly losing connection, causing me to spend many days, weeks and months on the phone with Verizon and many technicians coming out to my place, then it is the cell phone rebooting on its own randomly, lagging significantly, making it great as a paperweight only or losing battery like crazy.

There have been times in the past where my phone rings but it does not show the answer button on the screen. Other times, I have not received my emails or it randomly sent an email later on. Not a good scenario when you are communicating with your ex about the kids through email. There have been times when I went to make a phone call and it just lags and you have to try several times to make the phone call. You would think that the most basic thing a "smart" cell phone should be able to do is make and receive phone calls because in the end, no matter what the other things it can do, in the end, it is still a phone.
My printer has already been replaced through the warranty once already and now it does this thing where when it "prints" it sucks the stack of paper in the bottom tray through the printer and gets jammed.

I love my camera. It takes beautiful pictures and is the one technological thing that I own that has never caused me grief. It takes such beautiful, perfect pictures that I can't even edit the pictures.

On the flip side of that, my SD card finally "bit the dust." I had an 8gb SanDisk Ultra SD card that I was using with my camera and I don't know if it was from taking it in and out of the camera to transfer the pictures to my laptop or what, but it finally cracked on the top where the gold, metal chips are. I was surprised by this because to my knowledge, SanDisk has a great reputation for their products. I was worried about my card but it still was able to read the information and took pictures...until today, that is.
Even Charith mentioned having the same problem on Yahoo! Answers and this has me wondering if this is becoming an pandemic.

Last night, I took the most beautiful pictures of the sunset and the moon. The sky was pink and orange with the clouds all around and the moon was half full. It was so beautiful that I had to take pictures to share with everyone. I remember last night looking through the pictures on my camera and didn't feel like transferring the pictures off my SD card to put on my computer because I was too busy and tired. So I went to do that today to show my family. When I put the card in my laptop, the Camera Wizard never came up. I thought that was a little weird but thought I had too much going on my computer at the time. Finally, I rebooted my computer and put the card back in my laptop, again. Same thing, the Wizard never came up. I took the SD card out and went to put it back in my camera and the camera could not read the card. Now I was really getting concerned and confused.

Thinking that I now had lost all my pictures, I started to think outside the box and think about how else could I get these pictures. So I put the card in my printer. My printer can see the pictures. So I was thinking everything is okay, as long as I can get the pictures off the card. My printer is wireless and I thought that I could just transfer the pictures to my laptop using the built in menu on the printer, but this was not the case. Apparently, it only allows you to transfer the pictures using a USB cable. So, back to the drawing board. I went into the Kodak All In One Software that is installed in my computer and put my log in information to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and Google Docs, thinking that I could just send my pictures to one or any of these accounts and everything would be alright. But that did not happen, either. After reading the documentation on Kodak's website, you have to have the pictures selected from the camera to send there. Again, this is not any help for me and my situation.

The only thing that I can do now is find my USB 2.0 Printer Cable A to B (Google Affiliate Ad) anto my printer and hook it up to my laptop to transfer the pictures. But, I have no idea where it is because I have never had the USB cord hooked up because I had always used the "wireless feature."

I guess my main point is that I went to school and got my degree in computers so I can help others fix their technological problems and I can't even fix my own. I guess the other thing is that it really isn't that I can't fix my own technological problems, it is that the hardware can't completely do what I thought it could do and apparently, my imagination is bigger than what they actually put out on the market. Right now, because of the current situation, I feel terrorized by technology.

Do you know a way that I can get my pictures off of my SD card? I would love to hear what else you can do.

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