Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saving money on Gmail storage, one massive email at a time

Find Big Mail - delete huge emails for more storage space

While I continue to be terribly lame when it comes to managing my own inbox (it's a frightening, frightening place, I tell you) I am so excited about this one little tool I just discovered that helps free up storage space in your Gmail account. 

Find Big Mail is an app that does just that--it parses your Google mail account for those lurking 40KB emails and notes with 16 attachments that take up valuable storage space. Enter your email, and in less than an hour (usually a lot less) while you continue to work, it's created 3 labels-->10MB, >5MB, and >1 MB--to help you find the offending notes. It also emails you with a dandy pie chart and quick links to the biggest emails in your archives. So easy.

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Find Big Mail

Don't worry, it never has access to your content or to your email password, only to the size of the emails in storage. Even big universities and companies like Gawker use it to save money on storage fees. 

Also? It's totally free. Unless you make a voluntary $2 donation to them in return Which is the nice thing to do. -Liz

Learn more at Find Big Mail 

[h/t @workhacks - great Twitter feed!]

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