Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justin Bieber's Body Language Says He's Lying About the Baby (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's Body Language Says He's Lying About the Baby (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber seemed so young and sweet and innocent on the Today show this morning, didn't he? With all the screaming little girls in the background and Matt Lauer acting all paternal and encouraging, I really wanted to believe The Biebs was telling the truth when he said he "never met the woman ... it's crazy."

Alas, his (publicist's) carefully chosen words did nothing to disguise his guilt. Why? Because Bieber's body language gave him away.

According to most experts on deception, a person who's not telling you the truth will exhibit certain physical signs (and they're a lot more subtle than you might expect!). And I'm sorry to say that an analysis of Bieber's body language on Today makes me think ... well ... Selena, start packing your bags now, honey.

Here are 4 Signs That Prove Justin Bieber Is Lying ...

Watch those eyebrows! When someone is lying, they tend to raise their eyebrows and draw them together. At the rate he's going in this clip, Bieber's gonna get premature forehead wrinkles.
He flicks his tongue before speaking. Look closely and you'll see that Bieber quickly licks his lips between statements. Does he need chapstick? I doubt it ...
His shoulders won't stop shrugging. Yet another telltale tic that means he's trying to pull one over on us.
The pitch of his voice is all over the place. Up, down, down, up ... "every NIGHT after the show I go right from the STAGE right to the CAR, so it's CRAZY!"
See for yourself ...

Do you think Justin Bieber is lying?

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