Sunday, May 3, 2009

Staples: They have what we need...for "the flu"

It seems everyone these days are ca$$hing in on the Swine Flu Virus Epidemic. Shawn was saying the day before yesterday that CVS was selling those breathing masks that painters use for around $5.00. And now, Staples has this ad right on their homepage.

Staples is now advertising that they have what you need to protect yourself from The Flu. Really? Seriously? Since when did an office supply store become a pharmacy? And by the way, did you notice how they said "Protect yourself from "the flu""? There is a difference from "the flu" and "The Swine Flu"...did you notice how they are capitalizing on "the flu" but didn't Capitalize "The Flu"? {:o)

Gotta love marketing!!

I am thankful everyone I know has not caught any of the flu's.

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