Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Coke Rewards For Schools; Donate your My Coke Rewards!

My Coke Rewards For Schools

These days, our schools need all the support we can give them. Schools can collect points through donations from My Coke Reward members within the school community and will have a unique catlogue of rewards available only to school accounts.

Coca-Cola helps students to learn and grow stronger in all aspects of life. find your school, donate your My Coke Reward points and empower your favorite students to do, learn and discover more every day.

How does the program work?

Everytime you enjoy a Coca-Cola product, you can help enrich the education of children. Donate your My Coke Rewards points to the participating public or private K-12 school of your choice, and help schools get items they need to facilitate a well-rounded education for students.

To participate in the program, a designated School Account Manager must register their school at My Coke Rewards.

The School Account Manager can check the status of the account, change account information, and browse or redeem points for rewards exclusively for schools.

Schools can choose from creative supplies, athletic equipments, textbooks and many other rewards that allow children to learn and excel.

To donate, simply collect and enter codes from participating Coca-Cola products, then select the school(s) of your choice to donate the points. 

If you're not already a My Coke Rewards member, it's fast and easy to join. Join us in enhancing the educational experience of students.

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