Saturday, August 1, 2009

Job Sites For Teens and other financial info...

Job Sites For Teens

Groove Job: teen employment-focused website that offers a diversity of cool opportunities. Perfect for part-time, hourly and seasonal/summer positions. Those with arty abilities can put those skills to professional use and get paid for their talents. It could be a truly great experience for college-minded, creative teens looking to break into advertising and other related fields upon graduation. This site offers not only cool part-time and freelance work opportunities, but also unique public art projects, grants and internships for teens as well.

This site was specifically established for kids 14 and up to search through tons of job opportunities in your local area (or beyond). They also provide links to articles that offer guidance on how to improve their job searches, tips for obtaining employment, information on labor laws and even how to develop a resume.
Offers jobs for teens, but also articles on how to find the best job and tips on how to excel. Practice smart habits at your current job and you will be noticed! If you do not yet have a job, sign up with SnagAJob now.

PAYjr Chore & Allowance Statistics
Most popular chores assigned
1 - Make Bed
2 - Clean Room
3 - Feed Pet

Highest Paying Chores
1 - Mowing yard, $20 (highest amount paid)
2 - Watch Sibling, $15
3 - Wash Car, $15

Lowest Paying Chores
1 - Brush Teeth, $.01
2 - Layout clothes for tomorrow, $.01
3 - Do homework, $.01

Odd Chores and Stats
Changing underwear pays $.05
Capping toothpaste pays $.02
Staying awake for sermons pays $.10
Waking up happy pays $.05

How Much a High Schooler Should Know...
The Jump$tart Coalition asserts that all young people graduating from our nation's high schools should be able to take individual responsibility for their personal economic wellbeing. Broadly speaking, a financially literate high school graduate should know how to:
· Find, evaluate, and apply financial information
· Set financial goals and plan to achieve them
· Develop income-earning potential and the ability to save
· Use financial services effectively
· Meet financial obligations
· Build and protect wealth
Find out more about the national standards of finacial literacy for 4th graders, 8th graders and high school graduates

Teen Spending
It is estimated that teens will spend close to 155 billion dollars this year. That's an increase of more than fifty percent in five years. Hot on the trail of these passionate purchasers are marketing trackers. With the average seventeen year old spending over 100 dollars each week, marketers have found a new focus. For many marketing people, their job is almost as fun as being a teen...Read Full Article

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