Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back To School: Choosing The Best Backpack

Back To School: Choosing the BEST Backpack

Can you identify a well-made backpack?

What do four textbooks, plust three notebooks and a host of electronic devices in a backpack equal? Risk of back pain, or worse, if kids aren't careful. Experts say kids should never carry more than 15% of their body weight. Consider these features when shopping for the right bag:

  • Two Padded Shoulder Straps reduce pressure. Contoured (as opposed to straight) straps permit free arm movement and avoid prssure under the arms.

  • A Hip Belt transfers some weight from the back and shoulders downward, resulting in a more even distribution of the load.

  • Reflective Material makes kids more visible at dawn, dusk or on dark, foggy days.

  • Multiple Compartments spread weight around while keeping items secure and accessible.

  • Bags with Air Pads can provide extra support to the lower back if your kid chooses to carry it or opt for a wheeled backpack to really take the load off.

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