Monday, January 4, 2010

Fell into Telemarketer phone trap.

It was later on in the evening around when the bill collectors stop calling. I answered the phone just because I was happy that they weren't reminding us of another overdue bill and asking for money. Somebody who needed me to be interested in what they were saying and had to offer. Such a pleasantly fake conversation. It distracted me and got a little inaudible when she would begin to speak in monotone and sound like she was reading from a script.
I fell into the telemarketer phone trap. It was pretty easy, I guess.
But in the meantime, I am getting emails like crazy from them. And I am mad at myself for allowing this to happen to me. Here I am trying to get rid of online clutter and I made the biggest number one mistake in online history. But, I am able to chalk this up to experience and consider it a lesson in life learned. And hey, Living is learning; You're not living unless you're learning.

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