Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PAYjr will give $5 for every person that signs up for the card.

PAYjr Fundraiser

We want to help you make money for your team or club. PAYjr will give $5 for every person that signs up for the card.

Dear Jeanne,
PAYjr supports your teams and clubs and If you would like to do a fundraiser with our financial tool, the PAYjr prepaid card, pleasecontact Jessica Stroud, Jessica@payjr.com for a flyer and a promo code to get your fundraiser started.
How it Works: You will get $5 for every person that signs up for a PAYjr Prepaid Card. All you need is a promo code so we can keep track.
Everyone Wins.
PAYjr is (as you know) all about financial education and our tool enables parents to help their teens grow into the world of work, expenses, budgeting and plastic, so they know the smart way to take care of their finances. The Prepaid Card is a great fundraiser, but is also a great tool for those teens that sign up for it. Win-Win.

The PAYjr Prepaid card
Allows Parents to: Give Teens money that is safer than carrying cash
Easily transfer money from their account to their child's card
Stay protected against fraud
Stay informed of all their Teen's spending Keep track with email or text message alerts
Help Teens budget
Help Teens keep track of their own financial habits before they go into the world of rent, student loans and credit cards

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